Will God receive the Credit?

By Grant Marshall. AoE Ministries.

Will God receive the Credit ?

 “Praise and Glory and Wisdom and Thanks and Honour and Power and Strength be to our God for ever and ever. Amen!” Rev 7:12

Without a doubt, this nation needs God. Let’s get this straight! The whole world needs God. The problem surrounding us at present is twofold: 

Problem 1: The Covid 19 Pandemic, 

Problem 2: The condition of the Church –– that’s you and me. 

If conditions present themselves and we do nothing, we cannot complain about the outcome. We make ourselves complicit in handing over future decisions to another authority and power.

When calamity comes and confusion ensues, chaos pours like an acid upon common sense. Calamity comes to a nation because of its relationship with God. This should be understood among His people. When we look upon our diminished state, tears need to be shed, for our condition is wretched. God hears our cries. 

We are in a extremely bad place. If there is such a word, then we are in a ‘Tsunamic, event. We are in the midst of WAR! We are being attacked on all fronts by an invisible enemy. The propaganda of fear surrounding the Covid19 pandemic has bombarded us, through various forms of media, for nearly a year, wearing the people down, so that they accept anything for a better life and for freedom. It is the cunning voice of the serpent, hypnotising its victim into its constriction.

Returning to this enemy of ours, we know nothing about this him and we pretend that we can overpower him. Our engagement with him is therefore futile. The war council —our government, in all its variants, including the global confederacy, simply does not know how to respond to this invisible threat, so they twist and turn as an animal that tries to free itself from the goad.

What should be words of solidified articulate encouragement, manifest as bumbling belches, raging rants and salvific slogans. Buzz words will not heal a sick nation, but faith in God will!

We are seeing our economies and businesses decimated, unemployment and debt rising, families fragmented, movement restricted and under curfew. The term ‘house arrest’ comes to mind. We are limited to family gatherings, funerals, and weddings and what is even sadder, we are being advised about how to communicate, touch and to be intimate. How can the human instinct be controlled in this way? Well, we exchange reality for virtuality. When confusion reigns, we morph into dogs that spin in circles, chasing our tails. When we can’t gain headway in one direction, we turn in the other aimlessly, unable to make any decision. 

When freedom to spread the gospel and to reflect our faith in society is restricted, all the above scenarios come upon a nation. In this sense, the people of God are a major force and a problem to the ruling authorities. Failing economies, restricted movement, curfews, propaganda (mind control), pestilence, disease, mental problems and suicides pervade society during times of war, and we are in one.

At the risk of generalising the response of the Church, we have seen little activity, in the sense that it has been behind doors. The general populous, the movement of the Church that is, has been quite docile. The Church needs to be a force in the streets and communities, reflecting its outreach to humanity and not kowtow to a regime. In areas where the Church is persecuted, we see the response in the people and from the government. It seems quite the opposite in the free-world ––for now. 

The virtual Church has its merits, and joins the congregations across the divide, but it is nonetheless virtual and safe. The virtual Church does not breathe, and is prone to breakdown and interference in more ways than one. A virtual hand cannot touch the real bodies of the sick or reach out in an empathetic hug. It cannot transmit the power of flesh upon flesh, the brotherly kiss.  

If God’s people repent of its partnership with the ungodly, and call upon His name, the healing of the nation occurs. The nation and the praying multitude will rise from its sick bed, renewed, restored and revitalised. But, if this happens, will the people of faith be acknowledged for their cries and petitions? Will God get the credit and praise? Will people acknowledge Him as God, indeed?

The Bible tells us, sadly not. When God brought judgement on Sodom and Gomorrah, He sent angels to get Lot and his family out, though his sons were somewhat detached from their father’s belief. Lot was a man of God and was considered righteous enough to be saved from the coming catastrophe. Lot found it hard to live amongst the wickedness of the city he had chosen to live in, having separated from his uncle Abraham. God will deliver His people from His judgements.

Be clear in this, calamity comes upon a wicked generation. Freedom that came to us at such a great price is being slowly lost and a new pseudo form is rising. It looks a lot like Babylon. It is a place where God’s people reside during their exile, as a result of turning from God. Babylon is a place where spiritual powers converge. The house of Babylon will fall, as the temple of Dagon fell in the hands of Samson. It cost Samson his life too, by the way. How much will it cost the Church to gain back its true power and go the next length of its journey? 

God has given us an option –– we can live in His camp or in the world’s. The rules can’t be mixed.

When the people rise up and declare Him to be their Lord and Master, when the people turn to Him and remind Him that we bear His name, and the mark of Christ, He will hear us and He will deliver us and heal us.


Grant Marshall

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