Further lockdown?

by Nathan Barnard

While many parts of the UK are in ‘local lockdowns’, the UK government is considering further measures to restrict citizens of their human rights. However, Prof. Carl Heneghan, professor of Evidence-Based Medicine and Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University,  along with Dr Tom Jefferson, a senior Associate Tutor, stated that Boris Johnson and his advisers are making catastrophic and mad, over-the-top decisions about how to contain the virus and a pending second wave.[1] The method employed in dealing with the first wave of the virus was one of fear and panic, yet while this remains the process of dealing with COVID-19, this time they have given it a title, ‘operation circuit break’.[2] However, giving it a name does not detract from reality. The British government is in panic mode and inciting fear as a means of controlling and self-policing the people – in a panopticon of fear.

Dr Oke, from the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, states that a recent analysis of the 1,617 recorded coronavirus deaths, during the summer, found that coronavirus was not the main cause of death, in a staggering 465 of the cases. The coronavirus statistics include anyone who has died after being historically tested for coronavirus – even if they later died from a heart attack or from being hit by a car.[3] Thus, Dr Oke’s study reveals and highlights how UK coronavirus statistics, which are driving the UK government’s policies, are flawed and significantly over inflate death rates. 

The UK guidelines for medical practitioners issuing death certificates state regarding coronavirus:

For example, if before death the patient had symptoms typical of COVID19 infection, but the test result has not been received, it would be satisfactory to give ‘COVID-19’ as the cause of death, tick Box B and then share the test result when it becomes available. In the circumstances of there being no swab, it is satisfactory to apply clinical judgement.[4]

We see in the above guidance that if the person had COVID-19 symptoms before their death, then the medical practitioner can state the cause of death to be COVID-19; however, this seems bizarre, as the symptoms of the virus have become extensive.

The World Health Organization lists the symptoms of Covid-19 as:  Fever, dry cough, tiredness, aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, headache, loss of taste or smell, a rash on the skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure and loss of speech or movement.[5]

Thus, if someone had any of these symptoms before their death, then their death certificate would state COVID-19 as the cause of death, without even testing for the virus.

Additionally, the guidelines state that:

The MCCD is set out in two parts, in accordance with World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD). You are asked to start with the immediate, direct cause of death on line Ia, then to go back through the sequence of events or conditions that led to death on subsequent lines, until you reach the one that started the fatal sequence. If the certificate has been completed properly, the condition on the lowest completed line of part I will have caused all of the conditions on the lines above it. This initiating condition, on the lowest line of part I will usually be selected as the underlying cause of death, following the ICD coding rules. WHO defines the underlying cause of death as “a) the disease or injury which initiated the train of morbid events leading directly to death, or b) the circumstances of the accident or violence which produced the fatal injury”. From a public health point of view, preventing this first disease or injury will result in the greatest health gain.[6]

Therefore, the above guidelines might be why medical professionals are stating coronavirus as the cause of death even if it was a heart attack or car accident. If they have had coronavirus prior to these, then the process will identify COVID-19 as the cause. However, while this is alarming, it shows an error in the processing of death certificates during the pandemic. But why change the method of reporting during a pandemic? Is the government seeking to inflate the mortality rates during the pandemic to justify the draconian measures – actions that allow the implementation of the ‘Great Reset’?

Regardless of the reason, the UK is heading for a period of further lockdowns and draconian measures, actions that are going to become more restrictive and punitive – as the UK government has drafted powers that avail the police, and other agents of the state, the ability to impose fines of up to £10,000 on anyone who does not conform.[7] [8] However, this is being implemented on the back of faulty and inaccurate statistics of morbidity and infection rates. Therefore, one must ask, is the government aware of the errors in the reporting of deaths? If they do, then are they not complicit in causing the economic collapse and subjugation of the British people? Are they not in breach of the human rights act and the Nuremberg Code?

Furthermore, are they not complicit in inciting fear, that has increased the number of suicides and had a detrimental effect upon peoples’ mental health in the UK? Additionally, could we see a collective legal challenge against the government for the economic and detrimental effects the draconian measures have had upon the British people? Yet, while I believe there is a case against the British government, I believe that the majority of UK citizens have been convinced, through an effective Psyop, of the need for the draconian actions – as most people are fearful of this perceived, advanced virus.

Robert F Kennedy Jnr, son of the late President Kennedy, in a recent press conference held in Berlin on the 28th August 2020, regarding the coronavirus and the COVID-19 vaccine stated:

For many years totalitarian or authoritarian states have used the power of fear to engineer compliance in populations. I grew up understanding what happened in World War II in our country. During the Nuremberg Trials, Herman Goering was asked by the prosecutor, how did you make the German people comply? Goering said, it’s not just Germany, this works in any country, whether it’s a fascist country or a communist country or a monarchy or a democracy. All the rulers need to do is to tell the people that there’s something they need to be fearful of. Point a finger at that source of their fear and you can make human beings do anything you want. You can make them go to the slaughter like sheep; you can make them obey.[9] [10]

Kennedy, in his address, astutely outlines fear as a significant driving force utilised by a government in controlling the masses – getting the people to comply with unimaginable laws, that through fear, a government can control its people. Kennedy stated further that:

 During the same Great Depression that spawned Adolf Hitler we were very lucky in our country that we had a leader, Franklin Roosevelt, and he said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” He understood that fear would drive us into totalitarianism.[11]

Currently the world is gripped in fear of a virus, yet the words of Franklin Roosevelt seem more pertinent today than when he stated them. Thus, I urge people to resist being overcome by the fear of the virus – for this fear will bring about the enslavement of society through the ‘Great Reset’. Our fear is availing the Global Elite the optimal conditions for ushering in their global surveillance system and the global government of the antichrist.

Kennedy continues in his address, stating:

With the biosecurity agenda that people like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci and Davos, and all these people who are running now the global economy, they have understood for years that they have a power that no totalitarian government has ever had available to it, which is the biosecurity.

Hitler could point at the Jews and say those are the big threat, we need to be frightened of them, and everybody else needs to obey so that we can fight them off. Other countries were scared of the Bolsheviks. In the United States, our demigods point to the Mexicans or dark-skinned people and say we need to be scared of them, or terrorists. All of those things get us to voluntarily give up, relinquish our human rights, our civil rights and walk like sheep into the abattoir. Now they have a source of fear that is the most pervasive, an all-encompassing power that they’ve ever had which is the fear of pandemic. Governments love pandemics the same way that they love wars because it gives them power; it gives them control and it gives them the capacity to impose obedience on human beings. [12]

Could what Kennedy states be the real reason why infection and morbidity rates are being conflated – because they want to intensify the levels of fear within society, to control them further? Is Kennedy’s assessment correct that governments love pandemics in the same way that they love wars because it gives them power? Personally, I concur with Kennedy’s assessment. I believe that the coronavirus presents the perfect global conditions for restructuring world governments and instilling a global government that will oversee the interconnected global village. However, while many will embrace such restructuring because it will appear to be a global utopia, the reality is what is being installed is a satanic global dictatorship. How can people believe that anything good can transpire out of a system that is so controlling that it utilises and requires ubiquitous global surveillance that creates a virtual omnipresent global panopticon system? Kennedy perceptively understands that this system is interconnected and requires 5G to enable optimal functionality. He states that:

Today we have an inflection of new technology that give governments the capacity to impose controls on populations that have never been imagined before in human history by any tyrant in history. We have 5G which has created a surveillance state. 5G is not here for your benefit. It’s not here so [it can] make your life better because you can download your videogames in 6 seconds rather than 29. The only reason for 5G is because it allows these big data companies run by Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg and Jeffrey Bezos to harvest our data, to listen to your conversations on your cell phone. They’ve always been able to do that, but there was no way for them to transport that data to subject it to analytics and then to monetise it and then to sell it.[13]

As 5G presents health concerns, I encourage people to watch some of the links below, along with conducting their own research.[14] 5G is the linchpin in creating a global surveillance society that enslaves the masses. I know this sounds like science fiction – the ‘Hunger Games’ or ‘Divergence’, but soon what we have witnessed in movies, will become a reality. The problem is, because of fear, people will embrace the ‘new norm’ of a global dictatorship – a New World Order that, while presenting the illusion of freedom, in reality will control every aspect of your life. But how is this possible? Can a government induce fear to such an extent that people conform?

It is achieved through predictive and advanced psychological conditioning that induces fear and panic, making people conform to the draconian measures being imposed upon them. Fear is achieved through the constant bombardment of the perils of the coronavirus. This induces a misconception that coronavirus is more pervasive and lethal than it actually is, that unless we do as the government states, many people will die – you or your loved one could die. The constant assault from the media, government briefings, and the posters that have become ubiquitous, informing us to socially distance, to wear a face mask and wash our hands, intensify the fear. In essence they are hypnotising society to dance to the tune of the government’s agenda. Yet, just like in the movie ‘Divergence’, those that are awake are demonised – the nonconformists who do not fit within any given faction of society, but are immune to the hypnotic tune, are hunted. So too shall we see those who reject the government’s narrative, hunted down and fined – branded as super spreaders that are preventing us from defeating the virus.  

The intensification of fear and the effectiveness of the government’s Psyop is evident not only in how many people are complying, but in that people are fearful of a second wave. Many UK shops are reporting that shelves are being emptied by people stocking up in anticipation of a second wave of the virus. However, while I believe people should always have a good supply of food in their homes, panic buying harms the most vulnerable who may not have the means or ability to shop. Therefore, I ask people to consider those in need at this time and assist the vulnerable/needy within society in getting what they need, so they can be prepared. I say this not because of the coronavirus lockdown, but because of the pending food shortages – a famine is coming to the UK and the Western nations. I have been warning of this for some time. You need to look only at what has transpired globally over the past year. Globally, crops have failed, which will, in itself, have a detrimental impact upon supply chains. However, this has been exacerbated by the coronavirus that has prevented farmers from harvesting everything that they could. Thus, the failure of crops and the coronavirus have caused the perfect conditions for a global famine – something the UN has repeatedly warned.

So, are you ready for further restrictions, a second wave of the virus and food shortage at shops? Yet, while the world is currently transfixed on the coronavirus, and people are fearful of contracting the virus and dying, have you thought about what happens when you die? Do you think we live and die, and that is it? What about your soul?

The reality is, there is a God, and He wants a better life for us all. Furthermore, sin is a real thing! The only cure for sin is to accept what Jesus did for you on the cross. For God gave of Himself – He died for you and for me, so that we could have eternal life when we die. However, to obtain this free gift, we need to confess all that we have done wrong and accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. Then we need to commit to following Jesus’ example of how to live, as we humble ourselves to following God’s precepts found in the Bible.

Globally things are going to get a lot worse; the virus is not going to go away overnight. The economy will collapse, we will see a global famine, further riots and social divides, along with global war. We shall see the establishment of a global government that is led by a charismatic figure who will deceive many people, though he will appear to be noble and a man of peace. The reason I know this is because the Bible informs us of what is taking place and what will take place in these days. The only safety we can be certain of in these days is found in the God of the Bible. Thus, I urge you to call out to God as you surrender your life to Him and confess your sin. Allow God to guide and protect you in these days.

The days are getting short; darkness is almost upon us. Soon we will see the evil in men’s hearts manifest upon the earth, as all ‘Hell is let loose’, as God gives the earth over to its evil desires. Only those who surrender to His will and call on His name will be saved. The reality is what the Bible states WILL come to pass; therefore, the question is, whose side are you on? For there are two sides, either that of this present world system and the coming antichrist, or that of the living God of the Bible – the LORD YHVH’ side? The decision is yours; you are free to choose, but please note, your decision has eternal consequences!

Please note, there are many counterfeit gods. When I speak of God, I speak of the God of the Bible, for there is only one true God – the LORD God almighty who sent His son, Jesus to die so that we might have eternal life. The question is, who is God in your life? is it the true God of the Bible or is it a counterfeit?

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