Buffoons and masks

by Nathan Barnard – also posted on theway.co.uk

Daily the media bombards us with the latest update and government sanctions regarding the fight against the coronavirus. But, how are we to understand what is being reported and mandated? Especially when the legislation and advice are ambiguous.

On Wednesday 9th September Prime minister Boris Johnson spoke to the British people informing them that as from Monday 14th September there will be changes to how we interact.[1] These measures – ‘the rule of six’ are to assist us in our fight against the virus, as groups are restricted to six persons – that from Monday the 14th September, people will not be permitted to meet in groups larger than six people. These changes highlight the absurdity of the government’s response to the virus and the gullibility of people in accepting every bit of excrement the government spouts. If we believe what the government is stating, then the coronavirus is far more dangerous and sophisticated than we could ever imagine.

The coronavirus thus must be a highly sophisticated virus that has evolved so much that it can now, not only differentiate between a school, a pub, a restaurant and someone’s home, but also count. COVID19 will attack you if more than six people gather in your home but will not if more than six people gather in a school, college or workplace. However, the virus will not be able to do this until Monday 14th September 2020. Maybe the government has negotiated a temporary ceasefire with the “Chinese virus”?  Furthermore, in Britain the virus counts children as part of the six people. Still, in Scotland, only persons over 12 are included in the magic number 6.
That means this virus is either an advanced virus that can count, tell the time, know your geographical location, your age and know what day it is, or what Boris has said is a load of manure.

But how many people will comply with this mandate? Well, as a good government should, Boris and his team of buffoons, are recruiting social distancing marshals. These new Gestapo – social distancing marshals of Fuhrer Johnson and Matt Hancock, Johnson’s Goering, will ensure strict compliance with the New World Orders. Those who refuse to comply, will be fined. However, the sad reality is that most people will accept what the media and the government say. They do not question the absurdity of what they are being told or of the need to check what we are instructed/informed. However, I urge people to check everything and not to naively accept what people in authority say.

If we look at masks, for example, which have become ubiquitous, most people innocently conform to wearing one. They do not comprehend the risks imposed to them by wearing a mask for prolonged periods, or know how to use them for optimum use and protection.

An analysis of recent research into wearing face coverings to protect against an influenza infection found no conclusive relationship between wearing a mask and protection against influenza.[2] Moreover, no study to date has conclusively proven that wearing a facemask will protect a person from COVID-19 – thus, highlighting the fact that any recommendations have been based on inconclusive studies dealing with influenza. Additionally, the CDC and WHO recommend wearing a face mask only if the person is known to be infected. Noninfected persons need not wear a mask.

However, while there is little evidence to support the premise that face masks reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19, there is evidence that wearing a face mask can harm the wearer’s health.

Zhu et al. researched into the effects of prolonged wearing of N95 masks and surgical facemasks, and found that wearing a mask increased the risk of headaches. The N95 mask impairs respiratory exchange, thus reducing breathing far more than soft surgical masks.[3] Furthermore, Zhu JH et al. research concluded that the N95 masks causes hypoxia and/or hypercapnia as prolonged use can reduce blood oxygenation by 20%.[4] This high reduction can lead to a loss of consciousness that could cause a person who is driving a car wearing a mask, to crash.

Additionally, a study of 159 health care workers found that 81% reported developing headaches after wearing a face mask – that the headaches were severe enough to affect their ability to work effectively.[5] The sad reality is that anyone who challenges the government stance is silenced or labelled as propagating misinformation – conspiracy theories. But the reality is that face masks do impair our ability to breathe and do pose health risks.

Additionally, Bader et al. researched into surgical masks and concluded, after examining the oxygen levels in 53 surgeons using an oximeter, that wearing a surgical mask significantly reduced the blood oxygen levels (pa0s) the longer you wore them. This research is significant, as a drop in oxygen levels (hypoxia) is associated with a decrease in a person’s immunity.

“Hypoxia can inhibit the type of main immune cells used to fight viral infections called the CD4+ T-lymphocyte. This occurs because the hypoxia increases the level of a compound called hypoxia inducible factor-1 (HIF-1), which inhibits T-lymphocytes and stimulates a powerful immune inhibitor cell called the Tregs”.[6]

Therefore, because wearing a facemask lowers a person’s immunity, is not the mandating of wearing a face mask, making a person more susceptible to contracting coronavirus? Thus, is not the government complicit in spreading the virus and killing people?

Furthermore, people with cancer are at a greater risk, because prolonged hypoxia avails cancer cells of the best microenvironment for growth.[7] However, lower oxygen levels not only facilitate and support the spread of cancer, but also in exacerbating atherosclerosis, and increasing the risk of cardiovascular (heart attacks) and cerebrovascular (strokes) diseases.[8]

Recent studies have shown that the daily wearing of a face mask can be detrimental – especially if the person contracts a respiratory virus because they will be exhaling some of the virus. Therefore, by wearing a mask, an infected person will be rebreathing in the virus, which will raise the concentration of the virus in the lungs and nasal passages. Recent research suggests that in some cases, the virus can enter the brain through the olfactory nerves which connect to the parts of the brain that deals with short term memory and memory consolidation.[9] Therefore, shall we see decreases in cognitive function in COVID-19 patients who recover? Could we see a COVID-19 form of dementia? The possibilities are concerning.

The above brief overview of some of the dangers in wearing a face mask, is presented to try and show people how scientific research does not always support the use of face masks – even though the UK government states they are following the scientific advice. Yet, what about Sweden and Holland who state that there is no scientific evidence to support the mandating of face coverings to prevent coronavirus? What science are they following? Possibly those I have stated.

So, how do we proceed? To meander through the absurdity of government legislative excrement, we must show wisdom and discernment. We must resist if it will cause detriment to our health, psychological wellbeing and our walk with God. Yet, we must do so in a way that does not signal us out as agitators or religious extremists, but rather as rational, informed people. Furthermore, we must understand that what is transpiring, is what the prophets in the Bible spoke and warned of, and therefore we should not be alarmed, but continue to prepare to leave Babylon and go wherever the LORD leads. Personally, I believe that community is the answer – the next step as likeminded people come together, to support one another in establishing a sustainable and independent lifestyle. Yet, this community is not one that is separate and isolated from the wider society, but one that is self-sufficient, that gives out of what it has to those in need within the wider community in fulfilment of the great commission – to proclaim the Gospel of the kingdom in word and deed.

The British government’s announced changes to the coronavirus laws further highlighted the absurdity of what is transpiring and the gullibility of those that accept such diarrhoea espoused by our government.  However, let us not be alarmed or dismayed because we know what is transpiring. Furthermore, we know with confidence that our GOD is in control, and He is sovereign. Therefore, let us continue to listen and harken to His voice/word as we allow God to guide and protect us. We know the spirit behind what is taking place. We can see it in what Boris calls ‘the rule of six’ – that is the antichrist spirit – 666.

Therefore, let us keep our eyes fixed upon our Messiah as we prepare for the greatest journey of our lives. A journey the prophets saw in part, but we will witness and walk through as the LORD guides, protects and provides for us.  Remember, our GOD is an awesome God who has placed us in this epoch of history for such a time as this. He did not do so in order that we should fail, but rather so that we would overcome and endure till the end by leaning on and trusting in Him and not on our own understanding. Therefore, let us not be afraid but rejoice as we look up, for our salvation is at hand. Our Messiah is coming soon!

So, are you ready for an adventure with the Almighty, one that will see our Messiah’s return and our enemies destroyed? The choice is yours.

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