Coronavirus Vaccine – Part 2

by Nathan Barnard

Globally researchers are racing to develop a Covid-19 vaccine, something that seems akin to the quest to find the Holy Grail or the fountain of youth. To date, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is tracking 140 vaccine programmes.[1] India’s Covid-19 vaccine has set an ambitious target of six weeks from human trials to general application usage.[2] Yet, what are the implications of such rushed developments? How safe will the Indian vaccine be? How can a credible/viable vaccine be created in such a short time? The six-week deadline falls on the 15th August, the date India celebrates independence from the British, thus, questioning the rationale behind the expedited vaccine developmental process?[3]

In the UK, the Oxford uni vaccine is progressing at an accelerated rate. It is tipped as the front runner as it enters the third phase of testing.[4] “The vaccine, called ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, is made from a virus ChAdOx1, which is a weakened version of a common cold virus that causes infections in chimpanzees, that has been genetically changed so that it is possible to grow in humans.”[5] Yet, while the vaccine has been hailed as a success, as nations place orders for the Oxford vaccine, what are the long-term effects on one’s health? How can this vaccine, produced in such a short space of time, be reliable?

The Oxford Uni trial report states that due to the lockdown and a decrease in Coronavirus cases, the study has not had ample opportunity to thoroughly test the vaccine. Therefore, to assist in the development, we are focusing on healthcare workers and the elderly as they have a higher exposure rate than other people.[6]

“We are thus focusing on vaccinating healthcare workers, as they have the highest rates of virus infections. Further, as measures to ease the lockdown are being introduced, transmission may rise again.”[7]

Regardless of the reduced trials, “Professor Adrian Hill, director of the Jenner Institute at the University of Oxford, explained that the ‘best scenario’ would see results from the trial in August and September, with deliveries from October.”[8] Therefore, according to Professor Hill, the vaccine will be ready in October, but will people accept the vaccine in the UK? A recent study conducted by YouGov found that one-third of British people would not take the vaccine. However, the study asserts that this is due to disinformation disseminated through social media platforms, that, according to the UK government possess a real threat to society. Those that disseminate antivax sentiments/propaganda are extremists who propagate conspiracy theories.[9]

To this end, the UK government is treating these ‘Conspiracy Theories’ as extremist behaviour, as they argue espousing such rhetoric will endanger peoples live’s, but will it? The UK Government’s document on COVID-19 “How hateful extremists are exploiting the pandemic” concludes its report stating:

“Policy makers should look to develop a system to classify dangerous conspiracy theories based on the harm they cause. This will help practitioners and social media platforms better identify harmful conspiracy theories before they escalate.”[10]

Furthermore, a Homeland Security report on the UK government on extremism states:

“The CCE warns that investing in counter extremism work and urgently publishing a new strategy is critical as extremists will seek to capitalise on the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19 to cause further long-term instability, fear and division in Britain.”[11]

The report makes the following recommendations:

  • A commitment to ensure hateful extremism falls within the remit of the new online harms regulator and that existing laws on inciting hatred are enforced online.
  • A call for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) to drive forward a COVID-19 cohesion strategy to help bring different communities together to prevent extremist narratives from having significant reach and influence.
  • A new counter-extremism strategy must include an assessment of how extremism manifests locally, the harm it causes, the scale of support for extremist narratives and how best to pre-empt extremist activity — this should also include assessing who is most susceptible to extremist narratives, in order to deliver vital interventions to engage and support these people.
  • For the government to work closely with local authorities to understand and develop bespoke support and interventions to pre-empt and deal with extremist activities.
  • For the government to develop plans to work with researchers and practitioners to build a better understanding of ‘what works’ in relation to counter extremism online and offline.

What is wrong with people rejecting the vaccine? Surely they harming only themselves? Are we not permitted to make unwise decisions? While agreeing, people should be allowed to make an informed choice regarding the vaccine, but if the vaccine is effective for those who take it, then what is the problem if people refuse it?

Furthermore, while I accept that many of the arguments for not taking the coronavirus vaccine are outrageous, the government should not be permitted to categorise those who don’t wish to take vaccine as being an extremist group. Neither should the government seek to curtail one’s freedom of speech/expression. To express a contrary view, is a right of every person.

For many, the reluctance to take vaccines is based on the reality that pharmaceutical companies are exempt from litigation in the event of any adverse reactions, [12]  which in itself raises a red flag. Furthermore, one only needs to look at the work championed by Robert Kennedy Jr, the son of former US president JF Kennedy, and prominent solicitor who through citing accepted peer-reviewed journals, proves the perils of taking many vaccines and the necessity of them.[13] He thus raises the following question: ‘How can we trust, with any degree of certainty, a vaccine that has been rushed through trials, to treat a pandemic that has a significant risk only to those with health conditions?

Furthermore, the technology employed to create a new type of vaccine uses untested nanotechnology, that has the ability to augment and change a person on a DNA level.[14] These new vaccines utilise nano-vaccine technology.  While they do provide greater efficiency in absorption,[15] they have the potential, according to Dr D. Baltimore, to alter a person’s genetic makeup. Baltimore says that he envisions that some people might be leery of a vaccination strategy that means altering their own DNA, even if it prevents a potentially fatal disease.”[16]

Dr. Carrie Madej states regarding the vaccine:

“Now, what if our DNA is modified with genes from another species? Are we still a human? Is this trans-humanism? And then what if our DNA, our genome is modified and thus can be patented and owned. This is not a Sci-Fi or a future possibility, no, this is right now, even today. This is called recombinant DNA and recombinant RNA technology, and this is what is    proposed for the COVID-19 vaccine.”[17]

The Oxford Uni., Covid-19 vaccine study reports that:

 “In conclusion, ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 was safe, tolerated, and immunogenic, while reactogenicity was reduced with paracetamol. A single dose elicited both humoral and cellular responses against SARS-CoV-2, with a booster immunisation augmenting neutralising antibody titres.”[18]

The vaccine, a genetically altered ChAdOx1 virus, when injected changes the DNA makeup of the virus, preventing it from mutating within the person.[19] But what effect does this have on a person? Furthermore, what is meant by augmenting neutralising antibody titres? Especially as nanoparticles are able to augment with the host organism and change its DNA genetic coding? These few questions highlight the very real concerns in accepting a rushed through vaccine that utilises infant technologies, such as CRISPR Cas9 & CRISPR Cas12, nano-vaccines and hydrogels, which once injected into a person’s body, cannot be removed, as possibly they irrevocably change the person.  

Despite the vaccine still being in its trial phase, the UK government has ordered 90 million vaccines,  for the most vulnerable, key workers and the elderly. While the vaccine will be voluntary, why order so many, as the UK population at present is only 68 million. Furthermore, the WorLd Economic Forum (WEC) has stated that globally we need to have 7 – 19 billion vaccines available, especially when globally there are only 7.8 billion people.[20]

One has to consider whether the vaccine would be mandatory. It is my belief, due to what many governments and significant global leaders have intimated, that it will initially be voluntary, but eventually will be made mandatory. Those who will not take the vaccine will be prevented from engaging within society, similar to those who refuse to wear a mask. In many countries, people who refuse to use a mask cannot use public transport or enter shops. But what will happen if someone refuses this? Public Health UK, has been informing health care companies that employees who refuse either to be tested or to take the vaccine should not be permitted to work until they comply with the requirements.[21] But, what about a person’s human rights? However, such action contravenes section 45E of the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 and schedule 19 section 3 of the Coronavirus Act 2020 which states that a person cannot be forced to receive medical treatment which includes a vaccination.[22]

However, the Oxford Uni vaccine research states, ”In addition, treatments containing Covid-19 —neutralising antibodies, have been secured to protect those who cannot receive vaccines.”[23] Therefore, if they are able to neutralise the covid-19 virus for those who are not able to take the vaccine, what is the problem if people refuse the vaccine?

Why are governments around the world persistently advocating for people to be vaccinated?

While everyone has the right to either take or refuse the vaccine, I urge people to ask questions and not merely accept what is being done. Furthermore, I implore people to examine what has transpired over the past few months and question the misleading guidance from the UK government, for instance, to mention a few:

  • Masks are no good; people do not need to wear them, but we need to save the masks for NHS staff.
  • The Coronavirus originated in a bat that was found in the Wuhan wet fish market.
  • Ideas of the virus coming from a laboratory in Wuhan, were classed as conspiracies because no such laboratory existed. Months later we are told that this originated in a level four bio lab near Wuhan. Do you no think the UK government was aware of the bio lab? Of course, they were!
  • Or what about this? Why is it safe to go into a supermarket, but not a church? Why,? What is the difference?
  • What about the many doctors and consultants who have stated that the government narrative is not correct, yet others express that the only hope is a vaccine.
  • We are informed that the virus cannot live on packaging and then it does, but at the same time we should not use money because the virus stays on it. Is money being demonised because the world economic forum (WEF) is seeking to replace tangible transactions with digital currency?   Have people forgotten to question what they are being fed or are they happy to feast on the horse dung that governments feed them? Is money being demonised because the world economic forum (WEF) is seeking digital currency? 

The reality is that globally, governments are manipulating the people to accept the implementation of a Global Reset — one that will usher in a Global, Satanic, dystopia. What we are witnessing is what the Bible prophesied thousands of years ago would take place. Thus, I  beseech you, no to put your trust in the endeavours of man, but in God, who created the universe. Things are going to get a lot worse in the days ahead; we are going to witness a global depression, famines, pestilence and much more. These events will make the coronavirus pale in significance. Please, do not be a mere sheep and follow blindly what you are told; test everything, even what I have written.

On a side note, many believers are advocating that the coronavirus vaccine is the ‘Mark of the Beast’. While I believe it is part of the Beast system and will facilitate this, I do not see it as being fully ‘The Mark of the Beast’. However, I do believe that the vaccine will be detrimental and will have severe consequences for those who take it. I will in a future article, explain this further. What we must do in these days is to ensure that we know God and walk closely with Him, and the Holy Spirit to guide us.

Thus, I urge people, if you do not know the God of the Bible, to search Him out and accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. For those who are believers, I urge you to draw close to the LORD, seek His face at this time, and ensure that you are walking a life set apart to him. Time is getting short!

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