The Great Reset – part one

by Nathan Barnard

The Global ‘Great Reset’ is approaching, but what will it look like? This article will be the first in a series that will examine the Great Reset and the work of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its subsidiaries.

The World Economic Forum, in partnership with HRH the Prince of Wales,[1] are openly discussing, promoting and steering a global Great Reset. A reset that the partnership launched on the 3rd June 2020[2] endeavours to create a global utopia, that lives in symbiotic harmony with nature and each other. However, according to the WEF, the ‘Great Reset’ can only be achieved if we work together, through putting aside our own aspirations and goals to focus on the aims of the Great Reset’s transformative change.[3] 

The coronavirus, according to the WEF, has revealed the flaws within our societies but has also presented humanity with the opportunity to redevelop itself and transcend out of the mess we are in, into something spectacular for all people. ‘Our planet stands at a historic crossroads’[4]— one which requires all of humanity to participate ushering in change. Doing nothing will only exacerbate the increasing threats against global ecosystems and our planet’s critical ill health.[5]

Jennifer Morgan, Executive Director of Greenpeace International, stated:

“We set up a new world order after World War II. We’re now in a different world than we were then. We need to ask, what can we be doing differently? The World Economic Forum has a big responsibility in that as well – to be pushing the reset button and looking at how to create well-being for people and for the Earth.”[6]

The WEF partnership considers society to be sick. Divisions and inequalities pervade within all societies, evident in the recent black lives matter global movement which highlights the social and economic inequalities and the pervasive sickness of society globally. Accordingly, highlighting the reality and obligation that all aspects of our global society infrastructure need to change, ‘because that is the only way to create a society that will work for everyone’.[7] To build a better world requires global transformation through a Global Reset. ‘We can use this moment of crisis to forge a better world for us all’.[8]

The Great Reset is achieved by:

  1.  Transforming the economy through creating a fairer global economy.
  2. Channelling investments around the world to ‘build better’ through constructing cities and infrastructure that do not degrade the environment but work in harmony with the ecosystem.
  3. Using the Fourth Industrial Revolution for good, as we embrace and harness technology to work for the betterment of humanity and the planet. New technology avails us with the means to measure, build and analyse faster and more efficiently than ever before.[9] Such technology will allow the monitoring of humanity to ensure the symbiotic relationship with nature — that it is enhanced and maintained, allowing ‘a greener, fairer and more prosperous world’.[10]

The opportunity, according to the WEF, presented to humanity, is unprecedented in human history and thus MUST be embraced.[11] A change that, through the embracing of technology, will transform and change the course of humanity at a DNA level.

To achieve this dream, the WEF asserts that we, humanity, will need to rethink and change fundamentally as we cannot just paper over the cracks. We must work together, as everyone has a role to play.

The utopian vision, depicted in the promotional material that is being disseminated to prepare people for the Great Reset, are commendable, captivating and appearing to be good, but what does the Great Reset mean in reality? To fully comprehend the all-encompassing Great Reset which is planned for humanity, one needs only examine the extensive information on the World Economic Forum’s website, which outlines its agenda.

The Great Reset is a global reset of everything in our lives, a change that will see the establishment of a Global Governance system that utilises Artificial Intelligence and technology to monitor and implement its agenda. 

As the reset is implemented, it will have significant consequences on all aspects of our lives. No area of our daily lives will escape the perceived, utopian Global Governance reset plan. The application of advancement in technology will see humanity, through being injected with nanotechnology augmenting with and changing our DNA, subjected to a panopticon A.I. system that continuously monitors our health, what we consume, and what we do to laboratory free meat that reduces the carbon emissions of cows while offering a solution to global food poverty and the depletion of natural resources. [12] According to the WEF, ‘Global livestock already accounts for 14.5% of all greenhouse gas emissions’[13], with ‘the top 3 meat firms emitting more greenhouse gases than the whole of France’.[14] Furthermore, a cow consumes 16,400 litres of water to produce 1 kilo of beef, thus depleting, according to the WEF, our natural water resource at an alarming rate.[15]

Consequently, having slaughter-free meat, not only provides a solution to the food security crises, but also avails an opportunity for people to enjoy meat in a way that does not harm animals, the planet or deplete natural resources.[16] However, while the benefits sound amazing, it allows the Global Governance to control the manufacturing and distribution of food supplies to the world’s population, as all natural means of obtaining meat will be made illegal for the good of the planet. Furthermore, through the panopticon, A.I. system, people will be reduced to mere passive, receptive nodes in a global A.I. posthuman hive.

For those who doubt what is coming, THIS IS the One World Order of the antichrist. It is an attempt to usher in a false Messianic kingdom, one that, while appearing to liberate and promote the well-being of humankind, will enslave humanity, physically and spiritually. It will change what it is to be created in the image of the one true Elohim, YHVH, into those who are created in the image of HaSatan, as the descendants of Adam will, once again, succumb to the lies and beguiling of the serpent who offers a false paradise and godlike futures to humanity. The Great Reset does not usher in a utopia but rather brings about the enslavement of humanity to the antichrist and the beast system. Those who resist the Great Reset will be demonised and eventually imprisoned, as they are portrayed as terrorists and haters who prevent the full implementation and establishment of the New World Order.

I implore you, if you are not a follower of Messiah Jesus/Yeshua and believer in the one God – YHVH, to submit your life to Him. God does not want anyone to perish, but for all to have eternal life with Him, so cry out to God and surrender your life to Him.

For believers, I urge you to seek the LORD with all you are, to put your trust in Him and in nothing else — to make the LORD your habitation and refuge, as you put your life in order. Things are changing rapidly before our eyes; Bible prophecy is being fulfilled, at an accelerated rate. Creation is preparing for a battle between good and evil that will see Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah return to Zion. Yeshua’s enemies, HaSatan and his cohorts, will be put under Messiah’s feet.

Humanity has a decision to make: who will you follow, the God of the Bible, or the god of this age, HaSatan? The decision has eternal consequences, but it is one everyone must make. God has placed before us life and death, blessing and curses, therefore choose life. Our world is going through a period of judgment; the Great Reset is not the solution. The answer is found only in God, His Messiah and His Word.

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