What Does the Future Hold ? – part one

The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced on the 10th May, the government’s plan for easing the lockdown, even though the UK death toll has now surpassed 31,800 people.[1] How will the people respond to the easing of the lockdown when they have been subjected to a barrage of government-sanctioned psychological warfare programme, through the media’s COVID-19 reporting?  Have people become accustomed to the ‘new norm,’ of living in a COVID-19 global pandemic? Mr Johnson himself referred to the fear people have, stating:

There are millions of people who are both fearful of this terrible disease, and at the same time also fearful of what this long period of enforced inactivity will do to their livelihoods and their mental and physical wellbeing.[2]

So, what can we expect? What does the future hold? Within this three-part article, by drawing on secular resources, I seek to outline what we could see from the reporting of secular prophets, after which I will analyse world events through a biblical prophetic lens, in an attempt to understand current world events from a biblical paradigm, outlining what our response should be. 

Jonathan Mayo, a reporter, wrote an article, in the Daily Mail, looking at what the UK could look like one year from now. Mayo outlines how the lockdown measures were eased, similar to how Mr Johnson has outlined. As life gets back to ‘normal’ the second wave of infection, worse than the first, hits the UK in the autumn, similar to that of the Spanish Flu.[3] The UK government responds with implementing another lockdown phase, during which the government uses technology to monitor and tackle the outbreak. Mayo outlines how Amazon drones would fly at night delivering packages while during the day NHS pandemic drones – the ‘flying doctors’ scan the country from 200 ft, monitoring people’s temperatures, heart and breathing rates, identifying possible COVID-19 sufferers.

Globally people are issued with an immunity passport, downloaded to their smartphone. Those with immunity are permitted to football grounds, theatres, cinemas and to travel using the nationalised trains, buses and airlines. However, due to the high levels of unemployment, the travel industry would have been decimated, only a few can afford to fly and go on vacations.[4] 

With unemployment levels so high — a fifth of the population — civil unrest is a constant issue. There is also concern that society is becoming divided between those with Immunity Passports and the Lockdowners, while ‘grey apartheid’ describes the continuing isolation of millions of elderly people from family and friends.[5]

The question is, does Mayo’s article offer a glimpse of what the future could be, or will things just go back to normal? What can we expect?

 Mayo’s outline of what life could look like, in my opinion, is a lot nicer than how things will be, and in some ways,  preparing people to accept the new norm. So, what can we expect from a prophetic standpoint, applying the rationale that this is the commencing of the time of Jacob’s Trouble?

Could we see further waves of the Coronavirus?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned nations, globally, that we will see subsequent waves of infection until a vaccine is found. Therefore, nations must be proactive and be prepared for further waves of the Coronavirus if they wish to reduce death rates.[6] Dr Hans Kluge, the head of the WHO European office, stated “Covid-19 is not going away anytime soon…the first wave is gone, [the key issue is] that we have bought time to prepare for a second and third wave, particularly if there is no vaccine”.[7] Yet, while there are dozens of vaccines currently in development, the WHO, echoing Bill Gates,[8] has cautioned that it will probably take 12 to 18 months before we have a working vaccine that can be used.[9]

Lothar Wieler, president of the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, stated that “Therefore we know with great certainty that there will be a second wave. The majority of scientists are sure of this. One also assumes there will be a third wave.”[10] According to German researchers, the world must brace itself as it prepares for subsequent waves of Coronavirus infections until we have high levels of the population sufficiently immune[11] to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.[12]

China disclosed, on 13th April, that they are having a second wave of infection, as new cases in mainline China have occurred.[13] Then on the 11th May new cases in Wuhan have sparked fears of a terrifying second wave.[14] South Korea’s President Moon Jae-In warned the nation to prepare for the second wave of infection later on in the year.[15]

Like the flu virus and other Coronaviruses’, we will see future waves of infection. However, what is more, infectious and virulent at present, is not the Coronavirus but the fear that is being fuelled by the media, governments and international organisations like the WHO. But to what purpose is this insidious fear being propagated?

Fear is a powerful psychological driving force, that would, if manipulated, control people to stay, out of fear, in their own homes and to conform with what the government is saying and or doing. Due to the dominance of the Coronavirus in the mainstream media, recent studies have shown that people are frightened to go out. Even when the lockdown is removed, normality will not return as people are frightened of contracting the virus and dying.[16]

Dr Nouri, a leading virologist and cell biologist, stated that ’There’s not going to be a time when there is a magic date, and then everybody goes back to their lives as normal. That’s not going to happen for a long time.’[17]

While the reporting of and the concern of subsequent waves of infection are incontestable, as they are inevitable, it is very concerning that the mainstream narrative is that we can only get back to normal when we have a vaccine. It is a vaccine that will save us, as it is only through a vaccine, we will have immunity, due to the uncertainty of whether people can be re-infected with the virus.

The majority of people will, through fear take the vaccine. Others will be forced to, by the governments when it is made mandatory. However, others will reject the vaccine and be forced to live as pariahs, outcasts from society.

Establishment of a global government:

There have already been calls for establishing a global government that would coordinate national responses to global problems. Gordon Brown, former UK Prime Minister, has called for a global government to be temporarily formed to deal with Covid-19 and the economic crises that will unfold.[18] During Event 201,[19] a round table discussion, which looked at a global Coronavirus pandemic in an attempt to formulate global guidelines to manage a global pandemic, it was understood and recommended that the WHO would be the lead agency in coordinating a global response.[20] Yet, while we may not have a global government as of yet, the recommendations set out during the Event 201 are those that are being applied to deal with the global response to the Sars-CoV-2 global pandemic, which places the WHO as the lead agent in dealing with and coordinating the global response. Yet this is not a global government.

Will we see a global government? I believe that we could see a global government established after subsequent waves of infection to deal with the virus.  Mandatory vaccination and economic depression will engulf the world.

Economic collapse

It has already been widely reported and accepted that a global economic crisis is around the corner, as the world is engulfed with fighting a war on two fronts, the pandemic and the depression.[21] The forthcoming recession will be worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s.[22] While most are accrediting the coming economic storm to the Coronavirus, the UN has already warned, in September 2019, that there is a possibility of a global recession in 2020.[23]

The UN said warning lights were flashing around trade wars, currency gyrations, the possibility of a no-deal Brexit and movements in long-term interest rates, but there was little sign that policymakers were prepared for the coming storm.[24]

Thus, the propped-up economy of late 2019, has been hit a death blow by the Coronavirus. This will see the global economy spiral into a depression. The UN reported in its May 2020 briefing, No. 137 that the Coronavirus pandemic will worsen global inequalities, as a global depression, worse than the Great Depression, is coming upon the globe like a Tsunami.[25] While some are optimistic, stating the coming depression will be worse than that of the Great Depression of 1930,[26] the Bank of England has forecast that the UK economy will be hit with the worst depression in 300 years.[27] The BoE’s predictions are echoed by the Office for Budget Responsibility who have stated that the UK economy could shrink by 35% this spring, as unemployment continues to soar.[28]

How will the nations manage to steer their way out of this coming depression?

For some time, financial institutions and organisations[29] have looked and discussed moving away from paper money as they push to embrace digital currency, through state-sponsored cryptocurrencies.[30] While such aspirations have been put on hold due to the Coronavirus, China has announced it will begin trials of its new digital currency in four major cities in May 2020.[31]

However, since the Coronavirus, cash is being shunned due to the perception that it can harbour the virus. Such a mindset has seen shops encouraging people to pay by contactless payments or cards, instead. Therefore, could we see, through the demonisation of money, a move to a digital currency, especially if we witness a global depression? Due to the fact, nations do not have a realistic gold reserve any longer. One way out of the depression would be for the establishment of a global digital currency, which would be perceived as offering greater control to governments in dealing with money laundering and fraud. 

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