Could we see the UK implementing mandatory vaccinations?

By Nathan Barnard

The subject of vaccinations brings up strong opinions on both sides of the argument. My personal opinion is not the intended focus of this article. However, this article will look at whether we could see a mandatory Covid-19[1]  vaccination within the UK, and what form it will take. I will also outline my rationale on why I believe we should not take the Covid-19 vaccination.

Before the Coronavirus global pandemic, the UK government, due to poor uptake of child vaccinations, was looking at how to make vaccinations mandatory. Outgoing chief medical officer Professor Dame Sally Davis stated, regarding the decline of people’s consent, she hoped that vaccinations could be administered by other means. If agreement on the administration of the immunisation did not achieve a positive outcome, then England might well end up with mandatory vaccines.[2] What did Davis mean when she was saying, ‘vaccinations done by other means? How could the government immunise people without them consenting to have a vaccine?

Mandatory vaccinations are something Mr Hancock, the Health Secretary, is passionate about.  Mr Hancock has stated that the government is ‘looking very seriously’ at how it could make vaccinations mandatory.[3] He believes that if someone receives state-funded education, then this allows the government to insist that those in receipt are immunised. Mr Hancock’s sentiments were evident when he addressed the Conservative party conference, in September 2019, stating, “When the state provides a service to people, then it’s a two-way street. You have to take your responsibilities too.”[4]  “I think there’s a very strong argument for having compulsory vaccinations for children when they go to school because they’re putting other children at risk.”[5]

However, one could ask what right does a government have to force a person to receive a vaccination, even if this was against the child’s parent/guardian wish or if the child themselves did not want such invasive procedure? What we see in Hancock’s statement is the notion that a person’s rights can be revoked if it is in ‘the public interest’. Mr Hancock also stated that “I’d want to make it very easy if the children do arrive at school not vaccinated, simply to get vaccinated, and make it the norm. But I think there’s a very strong argument for movement to compulsory vaccination, and I think the public would back us.” Yet, is Mr Hancock pushing a personal agenda, as he is a fierce critic of anti-vaccination supporters, due to his pro-vaccination stance?

Though Mr Hancock believes people would back the government in making vaccinations mandatory, there is little evidence that people would support such a move. Over the past twenty-six months, all petitions made to the UK government asking them to consider mandatory vaccinations have failed to meet the petition standard guidelines to ensure the UK government would consider the petition for debate in Parliament.[6]

Petitions were made on the following dates:

  • 25th February 2018 asking the UK government to ‘make vaccinations mandatory for children’ was rejected as it only got 155 signatures. [7]
  • 27th January 2019 asking the UK government to ‘make vaccines mandatory for enrolling children in schools.’ The petition sponsor sought for the UK Government to adopt the Australian model and exclude unvaccinated children from attending school; the petition was rejected. [8]
  • 9th February 2019 ‘make vaccinations mandatory for nurseries and schools’ [9] was rejected and only received 376 signatures.[10]
  • 9th March 2019 asking the UK government to ‘make all childhood vaccinations mandatory’ [11] was rejected due to only getting 179 signatures.[12]
  • 12th March’ make it compulsory for children to be vaccinated to attend school’ [13] was rejected as it only received 179 signatures.
  • 25th April 2019 ‘make UK immunisation schedule vaccines mandatory & refusal a criminal offence’[14] only got 179 signatures and was rejected.
  • 12th September 2019 asking the UK government to ‘make vaccinations compulsory for all children in the UK’ [15] only received 442 signatures and was rejected.[16]

While the above petitions did not succeed, they highlight the measures pro-vaccination groups would accept – that people who refuse to have vaccinations should have their rights revoked and should be excluded from engaging in all aspects of society. — that refusal should be a criminal offence. However, in contrast to the pro-vaccination petitions, a petition to stop vaccinations becoming mandatory in the UK, as of the 28th April 2020, has gained 59,000 signatures.[17] A vast difference to the ones that seek to make vaccinations compulsory.

Although other parts of the world may insist on mandatory vaccinations, Mr Hancock does not understand that the UK people historically have not supported such a move. When asked about this, Mr Hancock stated, “I’ve received advice inside government this week on how we might go about it, and I’m looking very seriously at it.”[18] Such a move to make vaccinations mandatory is a complete u-turn from past thoughts, as the British Medical Association (BMA) rejected such a move in 2002.  The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology in a newsletter stated in June 2004 when looking at vaccinations.

“One way of ensuring high vaccine uptake is to make vaccination compulsory. Some countries, such as USA, Canada and France, have some form of compulsory vaccination either in general or for entrance to nursery/school. Neither the DH nor medical profession sees compulsory vaccination as an option for the UK. The BMA rejected a call for compulsory childhood immunisation at its 2002 annual conference”.[19]

Historically, there has been little active support in making vaccinations mandatory. Has the COVID19 global pandemic changed things – giving not only the UK but, globally, all nations a means to implement the UN’s plan for compulsory vaccinations?[20]

As of the 26th March, the UK government was “the biggest contributor to the international fund to find a Covid-19 vaccine – pledging a total of £544 million”.[21] But, while the UK government has not made it clear if any vaccination would be mandatory, they have in the past six months looked at making them so — thus, raising the question as to whether they would follow other countries in making the Coronavirus vaccination and other vaccinations mandatory.

Shirley Cramer, RSPH chief executive, stated that “It is clear that our only long-term exit strategy from the current situation is a vaccine, and so it’s vital that the stage is set for it to be distributed fairly and comprehensively once that time comes.”[22] Cramer’s sentiments on a vaccine are shared by Nadine Dories, Health Minister, who tweeted in answer to being asked when the lockdown will end stated, “there is only one way we can ‘exit’ full lockdown, and that is when we have a vaccine.”[23] Furthermore, Bill Gates, a leading champion of vaccinations, supports/champions making the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory, believing that it is only through a vaccine that we can get back to normal.[24] Gates stated in a recent interview “The only thing that really lets us go back completely to normal and feel good about sitting in stadiums with lots of other people, is to create a vaccine and not just take care of our country but take that vaccine out to the global population”.[25]

A Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) poll of 5,000 people revealed that on 19%, one in five Britons, are unsure if they would take the Covid-19 vaccination. The 81% who stated they would have the vaccine said they would do this to protect themselves and others.[26] Historically in the UK, there has been, over the past two decades, a decline in the uptake of vaccines, which Cramer states’ needs to be addressed.’ The Independent newspaper, on the 19th August 2019, reported that Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister, in response to the decline, had declared war on anti-vax proponents, in a campaign to counter vaccine scaremongering, in what the government sees as misinformation, in an attempt to encourage greater uptake of the MMR vaccine.[27] Therefore, has the Coronavirus changed public opinion on vaccinations and availed the UK government the opportunity to implement mandatory vaccinations?  It does seem that many people will take the Covid-19 vaccine, but if people do not take the Coronavirus vaccine, will the government force them due to it being deemed in the ‘public interest’ to have the vaccine? Will we see draconian measures such as restricted movement, and further lockdowns for people who decline to have the vaccine in the UK, as many public figures have intimated?

The UK emergency Coronavirus act 2020, is perceived to be ambiguous and, has left police questioning what powers they have; this has led to police commissioners calling for guidance.[28] Further evidence of the ambiguity of the act is seen in the economic support and the constant need for clarification. Could these perceived ambiguities merely be a lack of understanding of the Coronavirus Act 2020, due to it being rushed through Parliament? Regardless of the cause, the lack of clarification/ambiguities have led many people to speculate that the emergency powers grant the UK government the ability to make the Coronavirus vaccination mandatory similar to other countries such as Denmark and certain states in the US for example.[29]

On the 16th March Denmark passed the emergency Coronavirus law enabling mandatory/forced Coronavirus vaccination. [30] The new emergency powers remain in force until March 2021, but what happens if there is no vaccination by then? Would the emergency powers be amended? The emergency law bestows powers to allow people to be fined and imprisoned if they refuse to be tested for the Coronavirus. It will enable a person’s rights to be removed, preventing them from using shops, hospitals, public transport and facilities until they receive the vaccination. “As well as enforcing quarantine measures, the law also allows the authorities to force people to be vaccinated, even though there is currently no vaccination for the virus.”[31] Professor Jens Elo Rytter stated, such laws are akin to the most extreme measure enacted during the second world war.[32] One has to question if anyone objected to these draconian, Nazi-type powers from being passed. The reality is  that no one did. The emergency measures were passed unanimously by the Danish Parliament. The Health minister Magnus Heunicke said, “I was touched when I saw the whole Parliament standing up and voting for this.”[33]

Many believe that measures outlined in the Danish government’s emergency powers could be enacted through the UK Coronavirus Act 2020, as they think that the UK emergency powers do give the UK government such rights.[34] However, section 45E of the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 and schedule 19 section 3 of the Coronavirus Act 2020 states that a person cannot be forced to receive medical treatment which includes a vaccination. [35] However, this can be revoked in the event of a pandemic under exceptional circumstances. Both Acts allow a person to be detained, for the protection of others and for the maintenance of public health, in a hospital or other designated place if they believe that they may be transmitting a virus that can cause harm to others.[36]

Therefore, has the Coronavirus pandemic given the UK government, along with all countries, the necessary conditions to legalise the mandatory vaccination of its citizens? I would argue that due to the fear that is ubiquitous through its persistent display of the Coronavirus in the media, people globally, will relinquish their human rights out of fear, as a preventive action. However, it could be argued that any vaccination, like the seasonal flu vaccine, cannot fully immunise a person due to the different strains and the virus’s ability to morph and change. Furthermore, George Kassianos – immunisation lead at the Royal College for General Practitioners in London, stated that “For a Coronavirus vaccine to be effective, wide uptake and annual vaccination is likely to be required.”[37]Therefore, is a vaccine an illusion, a kind of ‘holy grail’ that people have pinned their hopes on?

At present, the UK government has bestowed powers on the police to detain and demand the testing of any person whom they suspect of having the Coronavirus for up to 14 days, with the ability to extend for a further period of 14 days. What will happen if we see new waves of the Coronavirus unleashed upon the UK? Will we then see people being detained, against their human rights, if they decline the vaccine, in the greater public interest? I personally believe we will. I think that we will see people who do not take the Coronavirus vaccine, have their human rights removed and thus prevented from engaging in daily activities in the wider society. They will be demonised and eventually put into ghettos, similar to how the Jewish people were treated in Nazi Germany through a process of systematic desensitisation and out of fear.

So, if a vaccine could be made, what could the vaccine look like?

To answer this, I first want to take a side step and lay out some foundations which will assist in understanding what I think the vaccine could look like and why I would refuse to accept it. 

Academics have, for some time, examined faith practices such as prayer and meditation, along with fundamentalist views in an attempt to comprehend them. In recent years, due to an increase in technology and its subsequent availing of brain scanners, academics have utilised these tools to conduct studies on the brain in an attempt to see what happens when a person prays or meditates.

Now, you may say what has this got to do with vaccinations? What we need to understand is that there is a spiritual war taking place for the very souls of humanity to determine who will rule and reign over creation. The battle is recorded in the Bible and is the very reason why Jesus (Yeshua) the Messiah was born and died to save humanity from its sin and redeem all of creation back to God. The Bible outlines the fact that the battle will be brought to a conclusion when a period of tribulation comes upon the earth. This period will see global pandemics, famines, wars and economic collapse, a  global government created, and a messiah type figure appointed as the global president/leader to rule over the world. Those who refuse to accept the Global Government will find themselves incarcerated. Christians and those of faith will be vilified, hunted and murdered. Then after these things have taken place, Jesus the Messiah will return and defeat the satanic global government.

Now some might say that this is farfetched. However, we only need to look back in history to Nazi Germany to see that a people group can be vilified and dehumanised to such an extent that people do not consider them human and therefore allow the government to murder them. I believe that we will see, in my lifetime, a global holocaust that will demonise and vilify Christian believers along with other undesirables, similar to the holocaust, because what is transpiring in the world today, is the establishment of a Luciferian one world order, a global government the Bible refers to as the antichrist system.

What we must understand is that we exist in a physical world which has a spiritual realm invisible to us at present. However, we can see the consequences of what transpires in the hidden realm. Furthermore, we must grasp that as believers, we do not wrestle against flesh and blood -– the physical realm, but against spiritual forces, engaging them through the power of prayer.[38]

So, back to vaccines. In 2005 the US Department of Defence (DOD) gave a briefing[39] outlining a plan to incorporate within respiratory vaccinations a protein that could reduce peoples abilities to engage in fundamental religious activities.[40] During the presentation, the lecturer states that scientists have found what is referred to as the ‘God gene.’ This gene can be turned off. During the lecture, someone asked the question, “How do you suggest this is dispersed?”, [41] to which the lecturer responds, “The present plan and tests that we have done so far have used respiratory viruses such as the flu or Coronavirus – that’s the satisfactory way to get the largest part of the population. We are confident this is a very successful approach.”[42]

While you, along with many scientists, may argue that this is impossible, other scientists assert that this is very plausible. Geneticist Dean Hamer, in his book, ‘The God gene: How faith is hardwired into our genes’ argues that it is possible asserting that the VMAT2 gene correlates with spirituality.[43] However, while Hamer states that the VMAT2 gene found within the frontal lobe is the ‘God gene’ Dr Newburg, more succinctly proposes that this is merely where the brain processes religious expression.[44]

Newberg’s research into religious activities/experiences have revealed that when a person prays or meditates there is increased activity in the frontal lobe of the brain and an immense decrease in activities in the parietal lobe, which orientates a person. Thus, Newberg argues that when a person engages in prayer/meditation, they seem to lose any sense of self with the broader world/reality as they engage with God. The only difference is when Pentecostals are speaking in tongues; there is a decrease in frontal lobe activity. Even though they are communicating, the language centre of the brain is not activated. This may support the theological claim that when a person speaks in tongues, it is the spirit that is communicating with God.[45]

While some have argued Newberg’s work seeks to reduce religious expression as merely nothing more than activities within the brain, such thought negates the reality that engaging with God will stimulate parts of the brain. But what is more alarming is the quest, by some, to control a person’s religious engagement/thoughts by switching off parts of the brain. While I believe that it is impossible to prevent a ‘born again, spirit-filled,’ believer from engaging with God, I do believe it is possible to prevent a person who does not know God from engaging with God. For scripture clearly states that the “The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God”.[46]

It is only through God and the work of the Holy Spirit that a person can hear and accept the good news of the Gospel of the Kingdom enabling them to confess their sins before God and accept Messiah as their Lord and saviour, as they give their life to God.

Going back to the vaccination, since the VMAT2 DOD briefing and Newberg’s research, things have progressed exponentially. For several decades the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) along with other non-military organisations such as Google[47] and Windows[48] have been researching how to monitor brain functions and for novel brain-computer interface technologies. The research conducted has produced a means by which through the application of nanobots[49] it is possible, through placing nanobots into the subcutaneous tissue, an augmentation with the body will allow the nanobots to monitor a person’s health and assist with healing them, if needed.[50] The implant can also be programmed to act as a means of authentication for money transactions that can be scanned when shopping or used as a means of authentication to access one’s bank.[51]

The application of nanobots being used within medicine is something academics have conducted research into, as it avails a plethora of opportunities to enhance life.[52] In a 2015 study, Amon et al. research proved that it is possible for nanobots carrying medication to be injected into a living organism and controlled externally, by a human operator. The operator is then able to signal for the nanobots to target parts of the brain and release the medication to treat schizophrenia and depression.[53]

“As a proof of principle we demonstrate activation of DNA robots to cause a cellular effect inside the insect Blaberus discoidalis, by a cognitively straining task. This technology enables the online switching of a bioactive molecule on and off in response to a subject’s cognitive state, with potential implications to therapeutic control in disorders such as schizophrenia, depression, and attention deficits, which are among the most challenging conditions to diagnose and treat”.[54]

Bhat, 2014, states regarding nanobots and the future of medicine, that they, nanobots can protect us from the inside and realistically eradicate disease.[55] Rifal et al. assert that nanotechnology can be used instead of vaccination, as vaccinations have side effects, whereas an injection of pre-programmed nanobots that eradicates the infection, disease or toxin are more effective.[56] For example, instead of giving a tetanus shot to a person, one could administer nanobots instead.

“An alternative treatment is to use programmable nanobot. When injected into the body, this nanobot will destroy the C. tetani and the released deadly neurotoxin TeTx and thus heal at a cellular level sparing the side effects of conventional vaccination”.[57]

Celeste Solum, a former clinician and disaster planner with FEMA and Homeland Security, advocates that any Covid-19 vaccination will contain nanobots that will augment with a person’s DNA, making it impossible to remove them.[58] Once a person is injected with nanoparticles, these cannot be removed, only deactivated until such time as when they can be reactivated. Furthermore, while nanobots can, as academics state, greatly assist humanity in eradicating sickness, they can also be used to control and monitor people. What if you pay a monthly medical subscription to have nanobots release your medication, would they be turned off if you cannot pay? The truth of the matter is, what we thought as science fiction, is a reality today. To further understand this, one only needs to look at the aspirations of Transhumanism.

I believe, having looked at the studies and possibilities available the future Coronavirus vaccination could include nanoparticles that will augment with a person body allowing a plethora of possibilities. What was once perceived as science-fiction, is a reality today.


It is my conclusion that we are in the birth pains of the period the Bible calls, ‘the Tribulation/Jacob’s Trouble.’ It will be a time when we will witness the rise of the false messiah and a One-World Government. During this period, we will witness many atrocities, as God judges the world for its sin. At the same time, God is crying out to humanity to repent as He reveals Himself to the world, in the way that He did in Egypt during the time of Exodus. Furthermore, I believe that the governments will implement mandatory vaccinations, and those that refuse it will be prevented from buying or selling and or engaging with the broader population. In addition, those who reject the vaccine will be vilified and hated, resulting in their dehumanisation and incarceration. We will see a global collapse and famine that will be widespread after the Coronavirus, and we will witness future waves of the Coronavirus. All of these things will be blamed on those who do not take the vaccine and they will be marked out as scapegoats.

If you are reading this and you are a follower of Jesus (Yeshua) the Messiah and believe in God, then I urge you to ensure that you are walking closely with God; that you have and are making God your habitation. If, however, you are not, then I besiege you to cry out to God and confess your sin and give your life to God now! Begin to read the Bible and do what it states. Spend time every day in prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. If this is something you wish to discuss, then please email us at admin@arrowsofephrayim and state prayer in the subject, and we will contact you.

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