MINISTRY DISPATCH -18th March 2020

A Time to Repent – A Time to Prepare
April 10 – 11 2020 (Pesach Week)

As a ministry, we have already been in prayer now, meeting each evening via conference call, for a week. We will continue until Passover is over. The feast of Passover is crucial in understanding a divine pattern. The pattern shows us that the hand of tyranny and the subjection of God’s people as an enslaved population is about to end. We might think that we are free, just as Israel sees itself as a free nation, but we are not. It is an illusion. Global rule, by its craft, governs all that we have, own, know and work for. We have just become used to what we have because we know no better. The Passover, which Israel observed in their Exodus, was their first. It will not be their last.
Over the centuries, God’s people will experience exile, servitude and freedom. It will be a continuous pattern for generations to come. It continues because we are a people who are in constant conflict with God, as we are of the world. Yeshua/Jesus spoke in John 17 that though we are in the world, we should not be of it – if we are in Him and He in us. And if this is the case, then we should be holy and separate from it. That is the caveat. Those that belong to the Lord are His and are in Him and He in them.
Since the onset of this despicable global coronavirus, which I and others believe is manufactured by human hand, believers have spoken about a revival that is about to come. If we see one, then it won’t be the real one. The real one will see the hearts of those whose flame has become dim, revived and ignited with zeal for the House of the Lord. The true church will be revived. Denominations are the work of man and dominated by traditions and philosophies. They are what Jesus calls the traditions and ritual of men, that deny the power of God. Man will be drawn to the one that reflects his own philosophy.
Revival will not come until God’s people repent. That’s it. Plain, simple, clear! But no one is talking about that. This isolation period is also a time in which the Lord is isolating His people. He is calling them to draw near and to listen to Him in the tent of their homes. Those who hear and obey Him will emerge renewed and invigorated. They will be changed, because the church structure will be demolished in them. They will search the body for those like them. They will be part of a new company. Others will come to walk alongside them because they see that God is with them. A new Exodus will begin. God will protect them with the screen of His cloud — no weapon fashioned against them shall prosper, and every kingdom raised against the Lord will fall. The Lord will demolish any such kingdom in the hearts of His people because He is a jealous God, and we need to be prepared for that.
Nehemiah 1: 4-12 is the prayer of repentance. Nehemiah 9 – 10 reflects the heart of a repentant people who declare that they will return to the Lord and obey his covenant. The result is that Jerusalem’s wall is rebuilt. Furthermore, pagan practices are prohibited, and all intermarriages dissolved. The Sabbath resumes, Ezra rebuilds the temple and restores the Torah. It is to this period that 2Chronicles 7:14 – ‘If my people who are called by my name….’ is ascribed.
This passage of scripture is used and declared so many times out of context and presumption. Daniel 9:4-20 is also Daniel’s prayer of repentance. (Draw yourself near to the Lord. Read these passages together and repent)
In January 2019, the Lord spoke clearly to us, on a return ministry journey, that reform was coming. There is going to be reform in the: UK, EU, UN, and the church. Already global leaders are looking at several areas which will reflect their design. This is the plan that will launch the beast system for real. This event is happening now. The waves of change are happening too, just as the Lord said to us in 2008.
A revolution in the kingdom is about to occur through those whose zeal is for the House of the Lord. Many hope a resumption to normality after the coronavirus pandemic has come to a scheduled end. But what type of normalcy will most settle for once this transition is over? Things aren’t going to be the same, friends. Are you ready and prepared for that?
Those who persevere to the end of this tribulation period will emerge stronger than before. The revolution will breed a resistance force. This is what the Lord impressed on me in prayer in the last few days. People speak of the spirit of unity and that this will bring revival. The spirit of unity is the spirit of the world. It is the opposite of what God has planned. Do not be fooled by these enticing words. It is the ‘Unity of Spirit’ which is demanded in this hour.
Push through and be resolved, friends. Together we are strong. We must rejoice in the Lord in this hour and always. He is with us in the valley of the shadow. Nothing can come against us.

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Grant Marshall
Arrowsofephrayim Messianic Ministries UK –
The Portent Times –

Date 11th April 2020
Look to the Lord, now!
He is to be found when you search for Him.
Do not look to see what is happening around you – to the ten thousand that fall at your right hand.
Look inwardly to your heart.
If the Lord is in you, that is where He will be found – the sanctuary of your soul.
The Lord looks for the stones to build His temple, not those that are fashioned by human hand with hammer and chisel, but for those who have been changed by the wind and the storm.
He is not concerned about the kingdoms of the earth, the money brokers who buy his people for thirty pieces of silver.
They will reap their rewards.
No! He looks to His Holy Temple, to what is being built by His people – to each stone laid by sacrifice, and each song of praise raised through its shaping.
Change your attitude, raise your altitude to the Heights of Zion. Reposition your latitude to the place of promise.
As in the days of the Exodus, the people were getting ready for their repositioning, the years of slavery ending, the nights of mourning being replaced by rejoicing.
Isolation is not the curse – the plague is the curse.
His children bear the birthmark and are saved. Isolation is separation and causes His children to look to the homeland, to the place they came from, to the place they belong – in His presence.
Before we were made, the Father made the earth for us. He made His home, the homestead of the earth among us, so that He could provide and watch over us. He gave all that He had made to us and for us.
But we chose another path. His place was not sufficient for us. We did not want His house.
We wanted more!
This isolation is the regathering of a nation among the peoples. The sacred place is where the lamp burns brightly and is not extinguished. It is where His children watch and pray. The mark above the door is His sign, and He will knock upon it because it is His house.
Prepare the meal. The Lord desires to dine with you. He will not leave you or forsake you when trouble knocks. Where He is the enemy cannot enter.
I say again, “ Do not look at what is falling around. It is an illusion designed to create havoc and fear. It is a mirage of mania, the propagation of panic.”
Return to your house – the place of your conception. Forsake that which is forbidden. Turn from your chosen path and return to the ancient one, the highway of holiness.
Dust the leaven from yourselves, and come and bathe in the living waters. Anoint yourselves with aromatic oils and put on clean garments.
The Lord has prepared a table before you.
Come! Eat and drink.
There is rejoicing in the House of the Lord.


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