AoE Ministry Dispatch – 15th March 2020

This week, to say the least, has been an eventful one. The news has been consumed by the Coronavirus pandemic. Some believe that the event has been created and that the numbers of cases are either exaggerated, or below the real figure, making the outbreak more widespread than what is being reported. Demographics of influenza and the common cold plus the number of
deaths attributed to previous MERS and SARS deaths put the Covid-19 virus in the shade.
Overnight, countries are putting procedures into place. Italy is in lock down and other countries are preparing to put in border controls. On more ominous notes: the UK’s guidelines for self-isolation may result in Martial Law or times of curfew. Self-isolators can be monitored through mobile
phones to see if they breach areas of confinement. We are being told not to sleep with our spouses, and to keep a distance from others and to restrict our daily walks to the garden and not the street. Families will be divided as a result. In addition, the UK government may respond in commandeering larger homes and hotels as quarantine centres. Gatherings of more than 500 outside and 100 inside will affect many church events, and the Vatican today, has announced the unprecedented move to cancel Easter services.

The knock-on effect to trade and commerce is going to be far reaching. Stock markets across the world are falling, travel and tourism providers and airlines are closing and laying off staff, and food shortages may soon increase. These are usually scenarios that present themselves in times of war. Moreover, the world has been deluged with storm, fire and flood.
Is that what we are experiencing now? Is this a prelude to something far bigger?
Our ministry dispatches have been our effort to warn the body of Messiah of the pending times and how we can prepare. In my time of prayer this week I was led to ask the Lord, what it would take to
draw His people to Him? I asked, ‘Lord, is it good enough for a man, with every desire in his heart, to say that he wants to draw near to the Lord?’

I saw immediately that there is a time when a person can draw into the presence of YHWH; when he is anointed as a High priest as in the case of Moses. We have been reading this in the Torah portion this week, where
the Lord is inaugurating Moses and Aaron and how YHWH desires that a holy and sanctified space be made for His meeting with Moses – the tent of meeting. Another way that YHWH draws his people to Him, and these ways are ways that can change a person forever, and ways that demand
spiritual growth in faith, is during times of need. It is also during these times that faith will be tested.

I recalled a message YHWH gave me in 2008 and it is a message we have spoken of many times during our teachings and reiterated in our articles. I am going to reiterate that one more time.

In 2008, before the economic crash, YHWH spoke to me saying this, ‘Have you ever seen a mountain fall into the sea?’ The question was a surprising one and the answer came very quickly.
An event in three waves will occur. The mountain falling into the sea will cause a tsunami. That will be the initial financial crash. This will affect the financial kingdoms. The second wave will be an international and governmental response to stabilise economies. This is the drawing back of the wave. The third wave will return with more devastating power. This will affect more than just the financial realm.

I saw the first two waves clearly, but the third wave was sneaky. I believe that we are beginning to see a ripple effect or a pressure wave as the main wave begins its return. What is surprising, is how the population is responding to Covid-19. People are following protocol and government guidelines without question. It’s almost as if they are being corralled.

Event scenarios have already been worked out. Governments and authorities already know how people will respond to set circumstances. What is more, the gullible will follow without question.

The places where God’s word has been removed will suffer. Healing is a covenant benefit and YHWH’s people should have no doubt that the plague will not come near their door. Health, education, government, economies and religion will see what it means to remove Him.

Finally, my attention is drawn to an antichrist system that will usher in a mark upon the population of the world. It seems likely that the outcome of the Covid-19 event will bring about mandatory vaccinations, once the vaccine has been produced. Fear tactics may prevent people coming into
close contact with others through everyday buying and selling, affecting the man in the street. It may be that proof of vaccination may be required. How will this be shown? Could it be by a smart mark, providing proof that the person has been inoculated and can trade? After all, the mark of the
beast is a trading mark. Rev 13:17. On top of which, the UN must implement its global policies by 2030. That gives us ten years. However, policies will be in effect a long time before that.
Friends, I apologise if the last statement might sound like a bit of a conspiracy theory, but based upon what we are unravelling, it seems a likely scenario.

However, we must continue to pray and draw near to YHWH. The time of Passover is a time of our deliverance. It is a time when the Lord is near, and the conditions will change for His people.
When the Lord is lifted, He will draw men to him. Make Him your shelter and place your complete unquestionable faith in Him. He is your refuge and fortress. Because He knows you, He will answer you.

Read psalms 23 and 91 together and bring yourselves in good standing, consecrating yourselves to the Lord. Break the psalms down and pray into them. They are guarantees of YHWH’s love and compassion – food for your soul and spirit, so be resolved to move when He tells you.

Finally, let us not be consumed by the virus of our age because it is a method of distraction that draws our attention away from the Lord. YHWH indeed must use this as His method to draw us nearer to Him. No weapon fashioned against His beloved will prosper and that’s the truth!

May the Peace of the Lord be with you.

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