Come out from among them

By Grant Marshall

Come out from among them Fourteen years ago, in September 2007, I was just about to bring together our first Tabernacles meeting. My visit to Israel in March of that year was significant because four very personal events occurred. The first was the giving of a gift that confirmed my sense that the Lord wanted me to go to Israel. One month later I was walking the streets of Jerusalem and visiting some of the amazing sites in the beautiful land.

Ultimately the giving of the gift and the will to do what God had shown me, was down to obedience. Before I left Israel, my visit to Mount Carmel proved to be the spark of where all this ministry began. Standing under the statue of Elijah, I received the mandate to prepare meetings back home in the UK for ‘Tabernacles.’ At that time, I was fairly ignorant of the significance of this feast, but as always, God gave me a baptism of fire. I had to act quickly and simply obey. How we got to those meetings is another story, but what I want to draw our attention to, is the word which the Lord released during one of those prophetic gatherings.

The mandate for the meeting was clear: no church, no ministries, no ministers. Three years earlier I had been in the flow of quite a big international ministry. The end of my time with this church/organisation would find me propelled into the revelation of our Hebrew roots. Things moved pretty fast at that time. My understanding of our Hebrew roots, its teaching and realising ‘Replacement theology’ had much to answer for, just made me hungrier to learn more.

Confirmation came in floods. You see, in 2004/5, I had just finished the annual conference for the church organisation in the UK, when the Lord spoke to me and told me it was time to leave, and that He would bring together a company that would speak the same language. I would not understand the meaning of that until sometime after. Today, His word is true. The Lord has brought many now who understand this language. Now I find I can never go back. Such was the change that happened to me.

I had already, in accordance with His word, been holding monthly worship meetings which ultimately were to be the preparation time for my visit to Israel the following year. By September 2007 ‘Tabernacles 1’ was on its way. I had the title for God’s word for that year too. I had to depend on what God would do without the aid of human intervention and design over those three days. It was an amazing time in His presence. It is a strange thing when you eliminate the parameters of our worshipping traditions and styles and just leave it open to the Holy Spirit. In honesty, I tried to design the agenda for the meeting. I had invited three ministers to speak over the weekend. What happened next was only through divine intervention. One minister became ill, one had double booked the day and one, on the last day, was unable to minister because the Holy Spirit laid him out on the floor. All we did on that last day was to continue in glorious worship. The Spirit of the Lord moved in tenderness and healing among the women. He attended to brokenness, loneliness, and infidelity and showed them His great love. Everyone, including the men, was in floods of tears.

Now we jump forward to September 2008, ‘Tabernacles 2.’ This year was the year when the Lord was to speak of the incredible change that was about to ensue. The pattern for the meetings, remember, was not to adhere to traditional styles – no main speakers or ministries – just to prepare the atmosphere through worship, in readiness for the Lord to speak. What was shown to us over the days was this: three main events were to occur over the coming years. The word the Lord had given to release these events was that, ‘Kingdoms are about to be brought down.’ This had been a central theme of my prayer for quite some time. Most significantly during a time of personal prayer, He spoke of a tsunami that was to hit the global theatre. It would be a financial one and this would work out in three periods. His initial words came in a question to me; ‘Have you ever seen a mountain fall into the sea?’. One week later the meaning of those words arrived. The tsunami would come in three phases. The first wave would bring global financial meltdown. This would be the initial crash. The second wave would be a time when the global financial infrastructure would go through a time of stabilisation in an effort to restore economies. This effort would not last because the financial-economic model was broken. Any efforts to rebuild, using our understanding of such models, would be ultimately futile. The third wave would be worse than the first. I believe now that that wave is about to move forward.

Subsequent tabernacle meetings, brought the word to prepare the people for a time of incredible change. In 2011/12 the Lord spoke of a time of release – that unprecedented and extraordinary events were about to take place. 2012/13 was for His people to prepare for war – prepare the mighty men! 2013/14 was at time to look at how we had prepared. The Lord showed us a picture of how soldiers go through a time of preparation, through physical and mental training in preparation for battle. ‘Prepare to prepare’ was the Lord’s instruction.

Finally, in 2014/15 the Lord gave us the title ‘Twelve Stones,’ – declare ‘My Word’ and move in authority. The focus was to prepare and begin to get ready to move into the land. In a nutshell, I have thus far spoken of what the Lord has been speaking over the last few years. As a ministry, the mandate over those meetings is what we have been doing. We have travelled up and down the country, teaching and admonishing the people to look at what they are doing.

Let us move forward to this year. We are now in September 2019. The UK over the last three years has been in total confusion. The government is in disarray and we are in unprecedented, extraordinary and uncharted waters. The model of how we do government in this nation could very well fall apart. In the last month, the Lord has spoken, saying ‘ the unity of nations will fall.’ Watch this space friends. I am saying now! There is going to be reform at government levels in the UK, EU, UN and in the Church, in these coming days. What does this mean specifically for the Church? It means that the people of God will experience challenging times now. Individuals will reform as traditions within the Christian model shifts exponentially to its original form. What the Church has been offering thus far will no longer suffice its congregants and those being born in the Church today, despite having no religious upbringing or experience, will be accelerated in their growth and understanding of scripture. They will not have the hangups or bad habits which tradition has brought to the body. They will see the work that needs to be done and get on with it. They will leave many behind and the meanderings and lethargy of those who have had so long to do something about their walk of faith, will be left in dilemmas.

A new generation of soldier is about to be birthed. That’s what they are, friends, ‘soldiers.’ They will be priestly soldiers, wearing the full armour of God and exalting His word. They will have unprecedented trust in God and find no excuses to do His will. Are you prepared for them? Are you prepared to see the prayers you have offered up for your family answered like this? Will you be prepared to walk with them as they challenge you in yours? Friends, this is coming! Whose voice are you listening to now? You can search out a thousand of them if you like. You can be drawn to those who say what you want to hear. But how many of them will walk with you? How many will pray for you? How many will fast with you? How many will help you prepare? The people are in chaos and our nation is in crisis. Now you might choose to believe that because we declare the word of the Lord, that we are not in crisis – that is true in part (if we have faith) but God brings calamity and chaos amongst the nations does He not? Who suffers at His hand of discipline when His children choose to disobey, disregard His words and the warnings of the prophets?

Search the scriptures yourselves and find these things out. Friends, let’s be honest for a moment. What are we preoccupied with at this time? Are we still listening and not doing? Are we still learning and never coming to the knowledge of God? Is our attention focused somewhere else instead of what is happening closer to home? It is easier to look over a distant horizon and look at what is happening elsewhere, but how many are looking at what is happening on these shores? Relief for us comes when we, our nation, the believers in Christ in this land, return back to God and obey His commands and precepts. For instance, the Church has forsaken the calendar of God and His feasts which are a sign for us. That is why we are told to observe them. For those who are watching with eyes that see instead of look, and those that listen instead of hear, the signs will be clear.

The times and events spoken of in scripture are drawing in upon us on the wave. I have asked many questions but ultimately the main question for all of us is ‘How have I prepared for these days?’ That is what all of us should be asking. If we are walking with God and His Spirit is dwelling in us, then we can ask whatever we want and our prayer shall be answered, our path will be made straight and in the day of disaster, we shall find God to be our refuge, because in Him we have put our trust and under His wings we will find safety. He will not let us down in that. The path of every true believer leads us to the place where we belong. We have to trust God, knowing that He knows what’s best for us. We cannot put our trust in the powers of government and men.

We are called to obey God’s word above all else. Obedience to Him is based on trust, because we know that God’s word is true and absolute. It has to be absolute and there must be no shadow of doubt in that belief. If you are able to declare that today, then there is nothing to fear. If you can’t, then there are more serious questions you need to ask yourself. A new spirit is being released among believers. Extraordinary power is about to be yielded as hearts are changed and eyes are focused on Kingdom business. Jesus said that He had not come to bring peace but the sword. That sword will bring division and unite the pieces that are discharged from each cut.

The separation in readiness for change is happening now. The body is crying out for change. The spirit is calling to repent and make ready for this next phase of battle but the body is weak. To regenerate the force needed to stand up and fight as in those early years of the church, where life and limb were given to the service and glory of God comes from the consumption of the Word of God. Today we listen too much to another word, a word that issued from the serpents mouth, and unleashed doubt and fear into the thought of man. It brought doubt in who we are, in our abilities, and the fear of death and failure.

Friends, this message is about looking at those two areas, doubt and fear, and recognising them if we possibly can in ourselves. Wherever we are now is not where we will end up. Faith will give you the strength to move to where God wants you to be. He knows you better than you know yourself, and if He has faith in you, then you should know that you will not fail. King David, during his own time of trial, commanded his very soul to stand up and praise the Lord. How much more should we do, who have the Spirit of the Lord dwelling in us? The enemy is cunning. He does not need to do a single thing. All he need do is make a suggestion or tell a lie, or convince us through half truths that our paths are just and we don’t need God to do a single thing and that all things are possible and permissible. How terrible and sad that many believe such words. God does not want a single one of us to be ignorant of Him. His greatest desire is for us to cast out those ancient echoes and truly believe in Him.

Let this message encourage us to take the next step of faith to secure and establish the ground beneath our feet. The land of your possession is ahead of you. Your inheritance is at hand. The scriptures speak to us about a group of people who did not make it into the promised land. They chose instead to look at the hardships during their journey into it. They chose to make little change, if none at all, within their hearts and minds. They witnessed the mighty deeds of God in their midst, but took to disregarding their future for their current needs. These are the people of Esau. They wanted to turn back to what they knew. It was easier. God does not want that for us. In a sense He wants us to look forward to what we don’t know. This is the valley of indecision. In it the Lord says that we should fear no evil for His rod and staff comfort us. What should be at the forefront of our minds is what we need to do when we come out. The time spent in the valley is the time we need to prepare.

He asks us to build a dwelling place for Him, a place that pleases Him and where His children can find joy and safety in the knowledge of His presence. We are all called to come and sit in the courts of the Lord.  At the time of this writing, we were approaching Rosh Hashana, the warning blast of the shofar. It tells us that the Lord is coming back and we need to be ready for Him. Will He find faith, people? That is what He will be looking for. As we approached this prophetic feast we need to have  been aware of three things: we are to be aware of what is happening, that it is prophetic and that we must be prepared for what the prophecy tells. We must also seek our hearts as we enter the day of atonement. It is a ‘moed,’ God’s appointed time, given to us to prepare, repent and return to the Lord. If we do this with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, the Lord will hear us.

Hebrew 3: 5 Also, Moshe was faithful in all God’s house, as a servant giving witness to things God would divulge later. 6 But the Messiah, as Son, was faithful over God’s house. And we are that house of His, provided we hold firmly to the courage and confidence inspired by what we hope for. 7 Therefore, as the Ruach HaKodesh says, “Today, if you hear God’s voice, 8 don’t harden your hearts, as you did in the Bitter Quarrel on that day in the Wilderness when you put God to the test. 9 Yes, your fathers put me to the test; they challenged me, and they saw my work for forty years! 10 Therefore, I was disgusted with that generation — I said, ‘Their hearts are always going astray, they have not understood how I do things’; 11 in my anger, I swore that they would not enter my rest.”[b] 12 Watch out, brothers, so that there will not be in any one of you an evil heart lacking trust, which could lead you to apostatise from the living God! 13 Instead, keep exhorting each other every day, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you will become hardened by the deceit of sin. 14 For we have become sharers in the Messiah, provided, however, that we hold firmly to the conviction we began with, right through until the goal is reached.

Blessed be His Holy Name! Grant Marshall

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