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The Promise of Heaven’ by Hazel E Pinder

Hidden between the pages of The Promise of Heaven, are stories of fantastic people whose lives were often challenged. Many of these men and women were just like us, constantly besieged by life’s problems, never realizing that behind the scenes a real battle ensued, for their lives. For this purpose, the Promise of Heaven is written to help us consider that which is woven into the tapestry of life and that there is so much more to be revealed, if we will only search for it. The Promise of Heaven is a gift for all mankind, given in love, for all who would accept and embrace it. This is a love story stained in Jesus’ blood, which you may feel is possibly too radical. The Promise of Heaven can open so many eyes, lives and hearts to outcomes that have been challenged and changed by this invaluable gift, and it could be you! So, step into a world unseen, and consider the war of the heavens, and possibly learn more about our God, The Mighty One, as you turn the pages of The Promise of Heaven!

Cyronus and the Treasures of the Kingdom’ By Hazel E Pinder

A college student’s futuristic adventure living deep inside the centre of the earth. Drama humour and an exciting mystery that keeps the reader in suspense, wondering what will happen next. The story line culminates in a journey through time to see a miracle in Galilee, with a subtle Christian message.

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