The Matrix and Spiritual blindness

by Nathan Barnard

I recently re-watched the Matrix trilogy, as it is twenty years since the first film was released. While I enjoyed the films and observed much truth regarding this world within the discourse of the films, it was only afterwards that the reality of the ‘Matrix’ hit me. One morning I was driving into town and witnessed the myriad of people meandering through the town centre. I asked the Lord ‘What about these people? ‘What will happen to them in the days to come?’ I felt the Lord remind me of the reality that the enemy of humanity, Satan, has blinded the people, and has them in chains, deluding them of the truth and reality that God exists and loves them. The Lord then reminded me of the film the Matrix. Humanity in the film is locked within a ‘Matrix’ that projects a false reality, as the machines use humankind as sources of fuel – feeding on the mushed pulp of the dead, whilst sustaining them, trapped within a false reality.

Is this is what the enemy has done?  The film portrays the ‘Machines’ feeding upon humanity, as does HaSatan and his demonic hordes, eating of the dust ,Adam and his seed,  keeping humanity enslaved in the deceptive ‘Matrix’ of the ‘Antichrist’ system,  a system that is already established and has been working through the institutions and ages of man to facilitate a final attack against creation and an assault on God, during the ‘Day of the LORD’.

Such a sad reality is a sobering one, yet, as within the film, only a few, escape the ‘Matrix’ as they engage in, what is perceived to be an insurmountable task, defending humanity from the ‘Machines’ through entering the ‘Matrix,’ whilst being able to break free from its grip.

Similarly believers in Messiah, are to live in the world, but are no longer part of the world system, for we have surrendered our all to God, as we seek to live lives that emulate that of Messiah’s. Furthermore, we too MUST engage in spiritual warfare, as we seek to break the chains that have our loved ones, our friends, those in our streets etc, bound. Our fight engages us into warfare against a system we have broken out of, in order to see the scales removed from our loved ones’ eyes, so that they can see the reality and know the love and saving grace of the Lord.

For those who have not seen the film, a key aspect is defending the last city of humanity, where those free and those born free reside in the city of Zion. It is here that humanity makes its final stand against the machines. However, they are unable to defeat the machines without the aid of Neo – the prophesied Messiah figure. The reality is that while the film is not a Christian one, contained within it is a message of hope, one similar to that of the Gospel message. Yet just like in the film, the majority of people are unaware of what is transpiring behind the veil of the perceived reality.

What saddens me is that while a recent survey revealed 50.1% of the UK consider themselves to be Christian,[1] the reflection of the professed faith is not seen within society. The UK at present resembles more of the characteristics of Sodom and Gomorrah, than a God-fearing nation. Furthermore, while churches have their evangelistic programmes, one must ask how effective are these at making disciples? Many within the Body of Messiah are watching Bible Prophecy, perceiving that we are the final generation.  I believe we are, but one has to ask, ‘What are we doing to witness to the lost?’

For some time, I have highlighted the need to be more active in sharing the Gospel with the lost because time is short. However, the sad reality is that there is, for the most part, little enthusiasm for people to engage in effective sacrificial evangelism. I have prayed and meditated on this, and I felt the Lord say, ‘The cause of this is due to the apathy regarding the lateness of the hour – that the body of Messiah has taken the ostrich approach, refusing to face the reality of what is coming, whilst others understand the hour, but their daily lives keep them distracted and in effect connected to the ‘Matrix’.

Scripture bears witness to this, as Messiah speaks regarding the apathy and failure of the religious people of His day, who understood Bible Prophecy but could not see the reality of its fulness when presented to them. This is seen further in the parables of the wedding banquet and other accounts in the Gospels. Thus, today, those within the church repeat this pattern, as they for the most part do not see or comprehed the severity of the situation and the lateness of the hour and therefore, it will be those in the highways and the byways, the ones to whom people would not comprehend the Messiah would go to, whom He will use in the days ahead.

As a ministry the Lord has given us, what at times seems to be an insurmountable task, a burden to prepare the people and make ready for the Day of the LORD. The sad reality is that the body of Messiah does not desire to know this. It is evident in the response we receive in when preaching this message. However, the Lord has shown us that this is part of the pattern, and therefore, we are soon to take the message to the highways and the byways, as we seek the lost, inviting them to the banquet the Lord has prepared.

Friends, in summary, I urge us all to check ourselves, to seek the Lord and ask Him, what am I to do for you? We have all been given a task to do; we all have a calling, yet it is the enemy who seeks for us to be distracted and not to fulfil what the Lord has planned for us. Therefore, as we witness the decadent downturn of our once great nation, let us not slumber, or give in to apathy, but rather let the body of Messiah in this nation arise and stand united proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom. As we engage the spiritual forces of wickedness we will see the captives set free, prior to the judgement of God falling on Great Britain.

Furthermore, I urge those who are engaged in witnessing to the lost, and those who are seeking to fulfil the calling upon their lives to, continue, not give up, remain faithful and fulfil what the Lord has called them to do.

I pray God will bless you and keep you. Above all, I pray you will seek God and fulfil the calling He has for you.



[1] Clive Field, ‘Counting Religion in Britain, January 2018’, British Religion in numbers, (2nd February 2018) [accessed 11th July 2019].

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