The Lost Sheep Project Update

Dear Chaverim of AoE,

We pray that you are all well. We are writing with further news regarding ‘The Lost sheep Project’ of Arrows of Ephrayim and a request for you to join with us in praying and fasting for the project.

If you have been following our updates, you will be aware that we have been working to fulfil the vision the LORD has given AoE to establish places of community and refuge both here in the UK and in the Land. These communities will not only be places of discipleship, equipping, ministering and worship but of farming and business. Most of all, it will be a place where the gospel is proclaimed, and the poor and needy are ministered to. They will be places of sanctity and dedication to the work of the Lord.

On Friday, 26th July, we met with a farmer in Yorkshire to discuss the possibility of purchasing his farm to allow the community vision to be fulfilled. The purchase of this amazing site will make it possible to establish a Hebraic community and outreach in Yorkshire and in the North.

We cannot emphasise the magnitude of getting this farm purchased and the work that will come from establishing the community project there. The property is literally ready to go to work. The land development and the livestock programme will enable the community to be self-sufficient. It will also provide accommodation for those who seek to work and live there. We are also looking to establish meeting areas for people to come and celebrate the feasts and to make use of the guest house and the fields for camping.

In addition, we have already been blessed with pledges of finance, farming equipment and livestock. This is only the beginning; however, to see this vision become a reality, we need to raise significantly more funds and to establish a continuing financial stream.

The attached link will give you further details of the property and the guide price. It is totally feasible to raise this amount. If we consider that house prices around you may be fetching the half-million or more mark, this farm estate is selling at an unbelievable price. We know that the LORD will provide this amount through willing and giving hearts who wish to see this dwelling place established for His purposes. 

Practically, we are faced with two possibilities: We either raise the full asking price which will alleviate the problem of a mortgage debt or, we raise four hundred thousand pounds and secure the remainder of the purchase price through a business mortgage.

We believe that the LORD does not want us to be in debt, but mortgage-free. With God, all things are possible, and as Moses was commanded to ask the children of Israel to give as they were led by the Holy Spirit to build the Tabernacle, we too are asking boldly and in faith for hearts to respond to this call.

Over the next few weeks, the management team for ‘The Lost Sheep Project’ will be writing both an in-depth business plan and a comprehensive outline of the project. We thank the LORD that within the management group, we have a diverse skill mix consisting of, a banking specialist, psychologist, farmer, engineer, management, advertising and Christian teachers and pastors.

Along with the discussions in Yorkshire, we have been communicating with a farmer in Scotland, who wishes to meet with us at the end of August. Contacts in other countries are also developing. The management team are planning to conduct feasibility reports, initially in Yorkshire. By the end of the year, we hope to have done the same in two other countries and in Scotland. These reports will allow us to plan and understand the specific needs of each project. However, while the management team provide their time and services freely, there are costs incurred for visits which need to be met.

As things progress, the management team will hold meetings with those who seek to give and invest in the vision. Initially, we will be focusing on funding and developing the project in the UK as this will be key in building funds for the projects elsewhere. At this point, we would like to thank you all for praying and for supporting the work we have done so far. We are now entering a new phase of acquisition and entering the land the LORD has set aside for us. We must not delay. We will be dedicating the month of August for fasting and prayer; standing on the rock of our faith, believing that the LORD will breakthrough so that we also may breakthrough.

Please pray for the LORD’s guidance and protection for the management team and their families.

  • For the fundraising of the Yorkshire project – we need to raise the complete finances for the farm to be purchased and for the project to begin debt-free.
  • We also need to cover expenses of four thousand pounds for a team to travel to the two other countries to conduct the feasibility studies and meet with the relevant authorities for the two community projects.

We wish to thank you for your support and pray that you will join with us in for a favourable outcome. Please respond only as the Lord directs. If you wish to find out more, please contact us via our usual email.

Blessings in Messiah


Nathan Barnard & Grant Marshall

cofounders: AoE Ministries UK, Lost Sheep Project.

LINK to the property in Yorkshire

In Summary.

The accommodation makes possible a variety of functions that would enable the community vision to become a reality.

The farm cottages and the main farmhouse would be used by those who are seeking to live in community, and those working on the project for short periods.

The fourteen guest bedrooms would provide an income source for the community, as this would be used as a Christian retreat and holiday centre, especially during feasts. This accommodation would also be utilised for people to stay in when attending the different short study schools that will be run at the site. 

The large function room was originally a large barn that has been turned into a wedding function venue. We plan to use this as a place of worship and teaching, providing seating for 250+ people.

The coffee shop/bistro would serve good wholesome biblically Kosher meals, and would be a source of income. It would be open to both those living on the farm and the wider community.

The barns and the majority of the land would be used to rear sheep, quail and water buffalo with our Christian farmer partner. The produce would also be used to stock the coffee and farm shop.

A portion of the land would be used for farming crops in polytunnels and possibly aquaponics. The lake and large pond areas will also provide a fish stock 

The site has planning permission for a further three dwellings which will provide accommodation for people to stay and live in the community.

The above is only a basic outline; however, further details will be disseminated as we progress.

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