Where are the righteous in the world today?

by Nathan Barnard

How the times have changed when we see the leader of Russia condemning the liberal global agenda of the world — an agenda that seeks to indoctrinate young children into LGBTQ+ ideology — as Putin condemns the indoctrination of young children arguing rather that children be allowed to grow up and then choose, if they wish, to express themselves differently – but let them have a childhood.[1] In another interview, Putin regards Biblical values asking that:

‘Have we forgotten that all of us live in a world based on Biblical values? Even atheists, as everyone else, live in the world…however, deep inside, there must be some fundamental human rules and moral values. In this sense, traditional values are more stable and more important for millions of people than this liberal idea, which, in my opinion, is really ceasing to exist.’[2]

I am not saying I agree with everything Putin or Russia does, but it reveals how far the western nations have fallen from God’s word, when Russia, a former communist country and antagonist of western Christianity, is defending Biblical truths, whilst rejecting liberalist ideologies that are being seeded globally, seeking to take root and subvert Christian values.

Near the end of the interview, Putin is asked if religion is the opium of the masses. He replies, ‘No, it is not,’ stating further to the interviewer, ‘there is no fear of God in you, is there?’[3]

Putin’s statement regarding his observation of the interviewer could also be a statement of the western nations, that there is no fear of God in them.

Would it shock you to find out that a ‘swingers camp at Europe’s biggest sex festival,’ was allowed to take place only a few hundred yards away from a scout camp? What would your reaction be in finding out that the festival happened on these shores in a peaceful little village in Malvern – for the second year running. I was shocked to read of such a deviant festival being allowed to gather in such close proximity to the children’s campsite. Yet, such actions indicate how a once Christian nation has fallen.

What should our response be to this and other abhorrent and unbiblical ideologies that are so prevalent within this once great nation? Scripture informs us that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in the heavenly realms  [4] and what we are witnessing across the United Kingdom and across the globe is a spiritual attack upon the word of God by demonic forces and principalities in the heavens. Such attacks are also manifesting prolifically within the physical realm.

Our response should be to first audit our faith and come before the throne of YHVH in prayer and fasting. This key principle engages us with principalities behind the lawlessness that is engulfing our nations. As we humble ourselves to YHVH, recognising our own wickedness, and the sovereignty of YHVH, we align ourselves with His will. This engagement unites us with the armies of the Lord of hosts and releases upon the enemies of God a powerful spiritual armoury.

In the days ahead, the LORD will look throughout the nations seeking His people – those who are called by His name — during a time of great tribulation. For those who humbly come before God’s throne, weeping for the state of the nation, are those whose hearts are beating in unison with God’s. They are like the men and women of Israel who wept before God’s throne regarding the abominations that took place in Jerusalem. In doing so they received protection from the wrath of God.[5]

I have for many years been vocal about what I perceive is the root cause of such decadent behaviour within the UK; that the blame for the lawlessness we are witnessing is because the ‘Church,’ the people of God, have forsaken His word. They have entrenched themselves in their fancy buildings, neglected to fulfil the commission given to them, and have become flavourless light bearers in the darkness of this world. They have forgotten that we are supposed to live lives that emulate the life of Messiah, lives that are incarnational, that of being in the world but not of the world, instead of pontificating from the buildings and ministries they have entrenched themselves in.

The formulation of unbiblical doctrines is pushed to appease the lawless actions when they should be falling upon their faces in prayer and repentance, taking their stand against the spiritual forces.

Where are such actions? Do we see it? Do we hear of it? Those who are at the forefront of leadership have forsaken their calling and have become hirelings rather than shepherds of righteousness.

Faced with such attitudes, what should be the response of the body? The response is two-fold:

Firstly. the body should hold each other accountable to the word of God — that internally we are permitted to speak and bring correction. However, first we must check our own lives and come before God.

Secondly, the body needs to respond nationally by becoming the light and salt, through personally living biblical lives, engaging in the spiritual battles as a matter of course and walking in humility before an almighty God.

I, therefore, implore you; draw near to God, seek Him while He may be found. Continue to walk humbly before Him, as you repent of any sin, and commit to living a life set apart unto righteousness; a life that is laid down in service to the LORD – committed to not only running the good race but finishing it and winning the good fight. We must furthermore pursue a course that rejects the wisdom of man and seeks the wisdom of God. For the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.[6]

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