Low Morale, for Hezbollah Terrorists, not Good News.

by Jerry Golden The Golden Report

July 24 – 2019

Iran pays the salaries of the Hezbollah soldiers in Lebanon, but their pay that was not a living wage has been cut in half as Iran is feeling the pain of the Trump sanctions.  Theses are battle hardened soldiers and very tired. Mix that with a low morale which is getting lower daily and that’s not good news for a fighting force.  Iran finds themselves in a use it or lose it situation. With Israel killing hundreds of Iranians soldiers in Syria trying to establish missile bases to attack Israel over the past year it is making it very difficult for them to build any military infrastructure in Syria to be used to attack Israel.

Hezbollah just moved forces to their southern border with Israel and along the Golan Heights.  Israel of course has also moved IDF forces to our northern border along with anti-missiles batteries, tanks and artillery.  We’ve seen this scenario play out before, but this time we are witnessing many other factors fall into place making it far more likely than ever before for an all out war with Iran that could lead to a much wider conflict, unlike the 1991 war with Iraq when America asked Israel to stay out of the fight and Israel took dozens of missiles into Tel-Aviv.  This time Iran has thousands of missiles aimed at Israel and their proxy Hezbollah is said to have 200,000 able to hit everywhere in Israel.  No, this time Israel will get involved in a big way.  This coupled with Hamas now claiming to have larger and better missiles that can hit all of Israel.  Many Israelis are very upset with Netanyahu for not going in and finishing off Hamas during this last round of over 700 missiles fired into Israel in a few days. Now when this war begins it is another front Israel must fight while everything is going crazy with the sky full of missiles.

Now we hear the Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah say that this time He will fire the first shot and the time has come for the Arab World to destroy Israel. At the same time we are reading in our newspapers, Hamas in Gaza says they are ready for war and they have the capability to reach every part of Israel.  Israel has waited far to long to solve the Gaza problem and the world has waited far to long to solve the Iran problem that supports terrorism around the world.

The British just moved one of their nuclear subs into the Persian Gulf along with some battleships.  American already has more than enough fire power in the Gulf to level Iran, and this hasn’t deterred Iran in the least.  These are insane evil Islamic hate filled people who are more than willing to die as martyrs for Allah.

We are looking at the possibility of the death of hundreds of thousands of Israelis, Lebanese and Iranians.  This is not going to be a war like any of the others.  Most of the destruction and death will happen within the first few days of the war. Weapons, even unknown to us will be used and the real possibility of Turkey and Russia getting involved as many of their soldiers are now in a position to be killed as well.  We are watching prophetic Scripture unfold right before our eyes.

As I have said many times in the past this war will not last long and when this war begins all hell will break loose in Europe and the US with the Islamic population and anti-Semitism will spread like wildfire. In fact that has already begun globally

There has never been a time when I felt so much pressure to have the boats and connections in place and ready to go with crew and provisions. We are not ready and need your support, and we both know time is running out for preparations.  It is time to be really ready, pray with me right now, your support is very important.  This is not an operation that can be done or should be done on a shoestring. It must be financed and we need that financial assurance now.

My son Joel is now able to spend more time on the boats and other ministry needs. He knows everything necessary to operate the boats without my help or supervision.  In fact he is a far better captain than his Dad but please don’t tell him I said that.

Pray for the peace for Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden

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