Israel is a Hostage!

by Jerry Golden

July 8, 2019

Iran says if the US attacks it will destroy Tel-Aviv and all of Israel within half an hour.  And if they don’t release the Iranian oil tanker headed to Syria it will attack a British tanker in the Persian Golf.  Keep in mind we are not dealing with normal humans these are Islamic evil sick people who want to bring in their 12th Imam who you will call the anti-Christ.

 In the meantime Iran also says they will begin today  (June 7th) to enrich uranium as high and as much as they please with no possible other reason but to build nuclear bombs.

 For years they have been the main financial support for Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and many others to kill Christians and Jews.  It would be difficult to find a civilized country that hasn’t had its citizens killed because of the Iranian support for terrorism around the world, yet America or no other nation seems to be willing to stop the insane Islamic evil that comes from their sick evil twisted minds.

 Today Trump has the forces in position to put an end to this evil regime and by all appearances Iran is calling Trumps bluff (if he’s bluffing), believing that Trump is putting too much emphasis on his re-election.  The time needed for the election 2020 is more than enough time for Iran to finish the plan to have enough nukes to attack Israel and possibly the US as well.

 Holding Israel as hostage should not work for Iran. As for this Israeli I say the longer we wait the worse and harder it will be to destroy them or stop most of their missiles from hitting Israel. We here in Israel are fully aware that this war will be terrible and we also know the reason it will be so terrible – because we have waited far too long to rid the world of this evil.

The reason the US and Israel have waited this long is the same reason; they are hesitating today for politics and elections.  These elected officials are more concerned about their jobs than they are the people and country they are supposed to be serving.

 But with Trump sitting there in the Gulf with all that fire power, Iran is now resorting to threats and taking hostages.  I believe they are scared and they should be. Trump may be too? I pray he is the one world leader who puts his calling as leader of the United States before his personal wealth and safety – but loves his country enough to make the hard decisions.  The best time to strike a bully like Iran is as soon as he threatens you.

 It’s obvious to me that Trump has accepted God’s calling on his life but accepting that calling and keeping one’s eye on the higher calling can be a real challenge with all the distractions.  You and I have a real obligation to pray for him to make the right decisions and to always have the courage to do what is necessary.  There is no easy way too handle Iran because it has been put off for too long by cowardly politicians.

 The main concern of this ministry is being prepared and ready to set sail in hopes of having all the emergency communications and contacts in place and functioning.  How I pray for God to speak into the hearts and souls of those He has brought to this ministry.

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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF Soldiers.  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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