It’s Time

By Jerry Golden

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel says that every Jewish institution in Germany now needs protection by the German Army being posted outside their establishments.  She said that Jews in Germany should not wear Kipots (Skull Caps) in public.  Jewish stores and homes are now being attacked and Nazi graffiti sprayed on the front windows.  It looks like the 30’s and 40’s all over again just before the Holocaust.

Those who have been with me over the years know I could rightfully say “I Told You So!”  Before the mass invasion of Europe with Islam I was shown that Europe would be ruined and ethnic cultures would be destroyed and that the Jews of Europe would once again be faced with another Holocaust this time not just in Europe but globally.

Sometimes we hear from God in that small still voice that Believers learn to identify. But then there are those other times when we hear from God loud and clear – a sort of soul shaking. In most cases we find it hard to believe that such a Word from God actually occurred.  It seemed to be crystal clear that the day is coming when many Jews will not get out of Europe in time and will need to be rescued and the only possible way would be by boats.

In my case I spent a few weeks trying to convince myself that it couldn’t have been from God. I had no boats and barely enough finances to support the family here in Israel.  God brought me to His Word in I-John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. I began to pray for a way to be sure it was God. It was then I heard the small still voice say “for 50 years we have been together and you have to ask me how to know it was Me.”

I prayed for at least two witnesses and after getting up the courage or “Faith” to send out a report saying what I had heard from God. Then over 300 very strong witnesses came in within a few days.  Being a hard headed Jew I sent out a fleece asking God for another sign.  This time it was harder to ask for money. After all there is no way to accomplish a ministry to save Jews by boats if you didn’t even have a boat or the finances to buy one.  Within two months the money came in to buy our first boat, then the second boat.  In the meantime I am saying to God in prayer that I still find it hard to believe that you didn’t find someone more qualified to do such a monumental task as to save Jews from the Devil’s grip in Europe.

God began showing me what would happen to the Jews of Europe in the near future and I started sharing the visions and Word received with you (ministry supporters). Keep in mind this was before the mass invasion of Muslims into Europe.  So I received many emails telling me that it could never happen and that maybe I hadn’t heard from God.  But by this time I was 1.000% certain God was calling us to save many European Jews and haven’t doubted it for a second since.

After buying the second boat it began to become clear to me that to have boats was a good thing but without organization, communications and contacts in the right places they would be useless for saving Jewish lives.  The long process began of establishing contacts with Rabbis and others who were in a position to help.

We now find ourselves in a really terrible situation and know only God can save this ministry. With my experience with God is that this is not unusual at all for God always seems to bring us to a place where we know it’s His way or the highway.  God accomplishes His Miracles through His people and from the beginning of this ministry God has not allowed me to travel to raise the needed finances. It has been made very clear to me that He would bring the ones He wanted to this ministry.  Making it clear to me that there was far more at stake than I was aware of for each believer God chooses.

All of Europe is becoming off limits for Jews and tens of thousands have left. As the Jews leave the Islamists are now turning their attention to the Christians.  In past years there where churches located everywhere but today most of them are now Muslim mosques, and the rest are under Islamic attack.

The world seems to be waiting on a war in the Middle East to kick off and ignite a global anti-Semitic war against the Jews and Christians.  There is no logic to this insanity. It is evil straight out of the pit of hell.  We should not be surprised at the evil global current events. Not only with Muslims but the Democrat party in the US as well who are forcing their homosexual, and transgender doctrines into the public arena and removing God from the public schools. Not to mention killing 60+ million babies a year even at the time of birth.  In all fairness the Democrats are not completely alone. It appears that the large majority of the above comes from the Democrats who have become the party against Israel. Any resemblance of normal Godly moral behavior is fast disappearing. The mainstream media in the US has become an arm of the Democratic Party and the whole world is, and will continue to, suffer because of the fall of the US.   I strongly believe that God has given America a last chance to come back to Him with President Donald Trump, the real question is will he be able to save America?

It can’t be long before this entire region of the Middle East will be engulfed in the worst war ever seen in these parts, but when the dust settles Israel will be here and the only place a Jew can live in peace.

This ministry must be ready; we need a larger boat and the needed resources to operate the ones we now have.  We need to touch bases with the ones who are sitting ready to assist the evacuation of Jews from Europe.  The logistics for this ministry are mind blowing. To ensure we have provisions and the right people in the right places at the right time, it is now time for us to touch bases making sure emergency communications are understood and the right equipment is in the right hands.

One of our boats is a motor yacht and burns 90 liters of fuel per hour; we are looking for a buyer for this boat so we can buy another sailing boat with motoring possibilities as well.  This boat would make a small family a nice home in Israel in one of the best neighborhoods in the country.  And possibly even become part of the ministry if needed.  If someone is interested contact me by email .

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

The Golden Report 30th May 2019

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